Thank-You Buttons in PM's

Hey guys I was thinking of this. What if we had “Thank-You” buttons (like the ones we use in posts) for private messages. Many people help others in PM’s and I just thought it would be nice to give a “Thank-You” to someone when they help out. What is your opinion of this? Vote above, Thanks!

that would be a great idea i ask questions in pms all the time


People will abuse it and give each other ones for no reason just to look good.

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I would love to have this, but Evan is right. Nice idea though.

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Agreed, people might abuse it… but it would be awesome to have.

Maybe there should be a separate count for thank-you’s in private messages. That will keep people from abusing it to seem more trustworthy.

I like it, but I personally think it’ll start to clog up the part under our name.

This is like… slow melting butter.

Good idea, in theory! But I’m not too sure how well it would work, with the problem posed by Evan.

Sorry if this thread was a bit old, but I would like to share my opinion.

Yes, it is a good idea, but it seems to have many problems.

The problem Evan posted was a pretty big probem, it got solved-ish, but that solution had a problem. This seems like an endless game of finding solutions, and finding problems with those solutions to me.

I also think it would be a bit silly to have a Thank-You count about something we don’t know about. The messages are not viewable to the public, so no one will really know what the thank was for. That would be…I can’t explain it.

Just my opinion…

Very true. Good way to sum it up.