What’s your opinion on thank yous?
Are they underused, overused, not done right?
Is an official moderator policy in place?

Many thank yous.


I think thank yous are extremely underused! I believe this is mainly due to the mobile app not having that feature yet. I personally like seeing what people thank me on and I like to have the ability to thank people when they either make me laugh, give a great answer or whatever else. I will give more thank yous once I can conveniently do so off of the app :slight_smile:


There ya go guys!

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I agree with you; also, those who ask for opinions on yoyos should make sure to thank people for their inputs, as well as for a good answer to any discussion.(such as this one)
I really like it when I get thankyous, and I think it helps build credibility in the community as well.

I use these forums almost exclusively on the mobile app, so I cannot give thank yous. If I could i would.