A few concerns about the site. Nothing big, but...

Well, I’ve been noticing a few minor problems here and there, its nothing major, just thought I would share.

First is the Thank-You buttons. They are great, but I’ve accedently thanked people a quite few times. If we have a way to take back out thanks, that would be great!

Last, is the feedback. If you look at the feedback Jason (JM) gave me, its a link. If you click it, It says something like this:


Looks like you are trying to find something that isn’t here…

If you think we made a mistake on the site let us know through the contact form.[/i]

Maybe that’s just a mistake with the links, but I’m not so sure.

Just a few minor problems I thought I would bring to notice.

Ha… I have accidentally thanked people too, it would be nice to have that feature. Good thought.

The link problem is because the link is incorrect. The link seems to be http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/ES which indeed does not exist.

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Aahh, thanks for the explanation Kim-Lan.

Well I haven’t ever accidently thanked somebody but I have accidently quoted somebody. Maybe instead of being able to take them back, just space them out more. Make the thank you on the left side of that post instead. Just a possibility. I feel that if we could take them back people would abuse that.

Yeah, they might abuse it like if you suddenly offend someone, they can go retract all their thank you’s and reduce your thank you count by a lot, and that wouldn’t be nice, and you would be like “WTHBBQKFC?!?!?!”

That is true, I think spacing out would work better.