530 THANK YOU's on this post...

How in the world did i get sooo many ??? ::slight_smile:



;D :wink:


Now see lol.

Add an enter after the last line. Your formatting is a bit off :wink:

XD just now got it after a few minutes scrolling up and down :smiley:

I don’t get it. Does it have to do with the titles of the posts?

its my sig :slight_smile:

HAHA thats pretty funny

Would it be against some sort of rule to spam him with thank yous to get it up to 530? For realzies?

Bad idea Fuzzwad.


I am a thankful person. I have given 739 Thank Yous as of right now. I have only received 302 (I’m hated).

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There you go

ITS BACK!! 100%%%!!!

You used webdings or some weird font to spell your name in the siggy, didn’t you.

unicode :slight_smile: