A Thank You

(Jei Cheetah) #1

So I just recently got to 1000 thank you’s here on YYE.

We just want to say thank you to those that helped us get there. I guess it shows that we helped out individuals to the point that they felt they could thank us, guess it just goes to show that we are doing a good job in being the most helpful person in all of the forum.

Anyways, just something we never though we would reach. Yet look at us! We have!
Thanks to all of yye members.
Just goes to show how amazing and spectacular we are.

Thanks again, to all to of my enthusiastic little admirers.
And we hope we can continue to help you.
And you can continue to find our help useful to you all.
Thank you for appreciating us.



Great job Josh!!


Now only if there were a you’re welcome button.


Hey, just remember who Thank You # 999 was (this guy right here ;D)




Multiple personality disorder?


And I, Number 1000


Cyber Five



(Raphael) #10