A thank you to all of you guys!


It has been one year since i registered on these forums! I am posting this to thank all of the people ive made acquaintance. The people on here, on and off the forums, have made my yoyo journey a big and important part of my life.

First, a general thank you to all! The small jokes and advice on my threads and others are amazing and helpful. Also thank you for giveing me the oppurtuity to at least try to help others.

Mini letters to people that have affected my yoyo journey the most.

@Studio42: When i first came here, i made several threads and questions, and even pm’ed you questions. You answered all of them more then expected. Ever since, you have been very kind, answering my questions, giveing me advice,and letting me try your yoyos. Throughout my entire stay on these forums, youve always been a great help! Thank you!

@M. Dev1: You have been very kind to me in the short time i was int he skype group, and on facebook. Great advice, great humor, and a great help :D!

@Trace: YOu… YOu got mw into the weird and amusing fandom of bronyism! YOuve also been kind to me, and we have has nice conversations on facebook :slight_smile: Thank you!

@Jwil425: My thanks to you is crazy. Mr wilcoxon here was extremely generous to me. A total stanger gave me a $120 yoyo, the skyline! From this skyline, and the presents from other forum members (Totalartist, yoyospirit) and gifts from family, my collection has expanded to 24 high end unresponsive yoyos, and several other cheap yoyos retailing at about $1300! The crazy part is ive only spent like $50 of my own money on yoyos.

It is insane the generousity of some people here, and A reason why i am yoyoing now is due to not making all this gifts be in vain! I am now pretty active in the yoyo community, i go to clubs, contests, post a lot and yoyo daily for more then an hour!

And i passed on the love by donating several unresponsive plastics, and giving pretty big discounts on my metals. I also try and help teach tricks to people. Thereare now 10 devout, knowledgable yoyoers at my school! Im talking like CLYW owners and club goers (CLYWpenguin, darkadlermagic3, and Sushi started yoyoing after i got em into it . There are more who dont have a forum account.)

@Totalartist: YOu sent me a free t6 just because i havent tried one before. Youve been kind to me in general, have backed me up, and when i participated in your donation, i won a blood brother! Ive even recieved compliments from you! Thank you!

@iyoyo58: I met you at BAC, and briefly encountered you at calstates. We have had random conversations on facebook, and ive gotten a halo from you for $11! And FYI, i want your inspire haha!

@Haruray: You have gotten me into a brief yoyo phase in 2010 by performing at my after school teen zone thingy. YOu have been very kind to me, especially when i go to your yoyo club 2yo, for 4 meetings so far. Ive gotten many tricks down and invented things off the small thing youve taught! Thanks!

EDIT: Forgot a few!

@yoyojordan: nice meeting you. Youve been a trick inspiration and a really cool guy!

@yoyospirit: Youve been very iind ot me in general, and have sent me a free axle before! It wont be forgotten!

@Capt anxiety: Thanks for making my favorite yoyo, and sending me a free axle and stcikers!

Thank you all for making my experience here entertaining and a pleasure!


Happy anniversary to you!



Happy one year!

(G2 Jake) #4

Woo! Keep it going strong!

(M.DeV1) #5

Wow I can’t believe it has already been a year! They grow up so fast!

:’( sniffles


i love you


Cool! One year, Ye-ya! Hm hm… Keep it strong dude :slight_smile:


Always glad to help and to share.


Thanks Supbreh’. :wink: It looks like we both registered about a year ago, so we’ve been on the same ride. Just keep being…you. You have given a lot of yourself here, as you’ve been very generous, and shared helpful thoughts and advice to others who have just begun their journey. We’re lucky to have you here.


Congratulations! You are a very kind and chill guy! Happy to have you here!


Happy one year:)


Dude just realized I’ve been on the forums longer than you o.0 I remember when I saw your posts, I’d be like “oh man, an awesome forum musta’s posting”


Congrats! I’m at the halfway point for one year hehe, 6 month vid coming this weekend! ;D


Hi :wink:


Why, Hello!



Awesome dude, always love ur posts :wink:

(Working on that battle btw)


Without me?
Jk dude congrats on one year. I hope that this skill toy continues to bring joy to you :slight_smile:


And yet, think about all the people you’ve helped!