One year this week! UPDATED!!!

So it’s official it has been one year this week that I have been yoyoing. Have meet a lot of cool people and learned some pretty cool tricks as well. I am so amazed by how a simple toy could influence my life in so many ways. Want to say thanks to all that I have gotten to know over the past year and to those I haven’t gotten to know I look forward to hanging out and throwing with you someday.

Thought I would add this to my one year in yoyoing thread. Got news this past week that only one year in I am now a sponsored yoyoer. That’s right I can’t believe it either. I would like to thank Yomega for this chance to help them move forward with their new line of yoyos!

Have Fun and Keep Throwing!!!

Awesome Fellavader!! See you at next NH Yoyo meet! (Hopefully!)


Hey Fellavader, I agree. It was awesome meeting you and getting to know you. Your skills are great, you’ve put so much dedication into learning and helping others…including me. I’ve seen your efforts starting the NH Yo-Yo club and you’re even in the schools spreading the gift of yo-yo. Keep up the good work. Your’e a great guy! Hope to see you soon.

in about a week makes 4 months for me, and im thinking the samething, a simple little toy, turned to a hobby, ive enjoyed it everyday, met alot of new people, and even befriended some pro’s out there, made alot of new friends, and it even helped me land my first paying job, and to think that if i choosed to buy something else over my first yoyo, then my life would go back to being boring :o


Pleasure meeting and “jamming” with you bro. Your a class act!!! We have WAYYYY to much in common!!!


Thanks Matt ya it is kinda funny how much we do have in common!



Congratulations on getting sponsored by Yomega. Have fun being part of a yoyo company now.

Congratulations on the sponsorship!

That’s awesome that you’ve been able to do so much in just one year of yoyoing.


You’ve accomplished a ton in one year…you keep amazing me. So proud of you…fantastic news, you deserve it. Yomega got lucky!

Thanks for all the kind words guys. It’s all been crazy hope I do well for them. They have some amazing yoyos coming out stay tuned.