How Did Yoyoing Change Your Life?

I have no idea if there is another thread like this, but yoyoing has drastically changed my life. I would like to hear how yoyoing changed your guys life.

By yoyoing, I helped my cousin stay out of the streets and out of jail. I’ve inspired many people to yoyo (which only my cousin actually got good) and half my family knows how to yoyo(they aren’t good but they know how to throw). I’ve made a lot of money competing in talent shows(I probably won’t start competing in competitions yet). I have met wonderful ppl, blown people’s minds, and got stopped at the airport because of my yoyo (I will never live that one down). That’s how yoyoing has changed my life.

Post how yoyoing has changed your life and share some funny stories.

met a lot of cool people, fun hobby

thats sorta it

Helped me quit smoking.

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Spent a lot of money that I could’ve bought a car with. Whoops.


it got me more babes. :stuck_out_tongue:

It gave me attention… (not that I really wanted it) being the middle child always left me in the shadow

If someone where to ask me to describe myself, yoyoing would be top of my list. It has changed me, helped me, and defined me. I always used to worry about fitting in, and worried about how other people viewed me, and who viewed me. I cared what you thought about me only if you “mattered”. The people that “mattered”, shouldn’t, not to anyone. Whoever takes the time to accept, identify with, understand, and treat everyone with kindness matters.

Yoyoing was the first step to identifying who I am, and is the pedestal to which I hold my standards. The kindness with which I was met by fellow yoyoers was amazing, and made me realize that that was the way you should treat people. Everyone on this forum is different, everyone. Personalities, backgrounds, problems, we’re all different. However, we are bound by something special that makes us realize that we’re nearly all the same.

I’m going through some really tough times, and yoyoing brings me down to Earth. It is my form of prayer, meditation, or reflection. It is always there for me to pick up, no matter where I am, and is a constant that I can rely on in my hectic world. I’ve been sick and tired of being held back by people, finances, and other circumstances. It allows me to progress at my own pace, without any factors that I can’t control to hold me back. If I want to get better at yoyoing, I will. There’s nothing that can stop me from doing that. I don’t know who I can rely on right now, be it family or friends, but there is one thing I can: the yoyo.


Once I was a skinny kid who always got sand kicked in my face, and guys like Joe Weider got all the babes. All that changed after I discovered yoyoing.


It became a passion and something to do in spare time that, and helped me with my eyes yes yoyos helped my eyes not needing glasses surprisingly.

I wouldn’t say it’s life-changing, but it did impact my life in some ways. I’ve met lots of awesome people worldwide because I share the same passion and hobby as they do. As much as I like playing with this toy, it’s sad to say that it’s not my top priority. As a college student, I put my health, sleep, and education on the top list. Especially sleep.

But yoyos are cool and I’m grateful.

Before yoyoing when I met people they said “Hi” and smiled, after yoyoing they said “omg is that a callus on your finger or is it an alien?”

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I’ve made a lot of friends, done something I can look back on and be proud of myself, and spent a lot of money.

sniff that was beautiful man sobs

It’s a part of who I am and how I am recognized. I never had much dedication to anything until I stuck with yoyos and accomplished things I would never have thought possible. It introduced many wonderful people and memories and gave me a positive outlook on goals that may originally seemed unattainable.

Funny story today I thought I had to share this. Today I was walking home from school, as I passed my elementary school, my 4th grade teacher called me. She said she had someone that will blow my mind. It was Ned the yoyo guy. He showed me Mach 5 (he called it windmill) and Boing-E-Boing (which he called boingy boingy) and said he was an “advanced yoyoist”. I told him I too was a yoyo player, he corrected me and said I was a “yoyoist”(which is a name that annoys me so much). He handed me a Cosmic Spin(I believe that was the name, correct me if I am wrong) and told me to give it a shot. I refused and took out my new mirror polish Hitman Pro (thanks RobinHood_9000) and did some new tricks I had been trying out. Ned just stood there mouth opened :smiley: .

That is such a win!!!

If it were me, I’d have shown Ned a little more respect and accepted his offer of a yoyo.

You know, ‘boingy boingy’ is also an acceptable name for that trick.
I’m with jhb8426, I’d give Ned some respect. He’s starting out young and you can’t deny an innocent mind. Watch, he’ll probably blow you away that you’ll be the one standing there with your mouth opened.

Actually, Ned’s been around for awhile, and has earned a degree of respect. I don’t know that there really is a person named Ned. It’s an educational program (The NED Show) they’ve been doing for some 20 years.

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