My three year yoyoeXpert anniversary

Today marks three years that I have been a member of this wonderful community. It also marks three years from my 1st visit to yoyoexpert. It has been a wonderful journey that I will remember for years to come. I have met many many people along the way that have not only helped me but have become life long friends!!! So many people to thank!! I just love this hobby so much!! It has brought me so much joy that I can’t begin to share.

From my first experiences at A2Z and Dogbite to all the NER’s and MA State contests in between Becoming a Forum eXpert was another highlight as well!!! I am having a ton of fun with it!! And finally getting to go to Worlds and meeting so many cool people there!!! Just a blast!!!

Thank you all!! And here is to many many more years!!!


Nice post but no love for NH yoyo club?

You know how I feel about you guys man!!! There are way to many people out there for me to name them all!!! But know this man… Some of those BEST times have come in that great state!!!

The feeling in mutual my friend!

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Don’t threaten me!

haha congrats man!


With a good time?

Meant to hit quote but maybe thanks were in order anyway ??? LOL

I only recently had the pleasure of meeting you but… You’re awesome! congrats on all dat!!!

Thanks!!! And thank you!!!

Awe come on…it only got good last year, when you met me. ;D Things will never be the same now. :smiley:

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You’re one of the people who make the yoyo community great!

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You can say that again!!!

Congrats!! I’ve only been around for a third of that and I can already see that you’ve had an impact on the community as much as it’s had one on you!

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P.S, no one make him mad, he might turn into hulk… :wink:

When was the first time you laid eyes on a hulk smash yoyo…that’s gotta be in your timeline somewhere.

HEHE Well my 1st “official” Hulk Smash was this Gnarwhal. I got this in the fall of 2011. BUT my 1st Purple/Green yoyo was the Y Factor posted here. It is also my 1st One Drop!! AND One of the 1st yoyo’s I bought from YYE…