Would you rather...

Alright here’s a fun game I see a lot on other websites, and I thought I’d show it to my brethren here on YYE. Just answer the guy above you, and then give your own question. I’ll start.

Would you rather eat live hamsters or poop live hamsters?

Edit: just found out you guys have already been satisfied with another similar thread a little while back. My fault for not checking earlier, I was just bored and looking for a little fun (I forgot to bring my yoyo with me :O) Sorry for the inconvenience, I’m not sure if my thread will be frowned upon, just let it die if you feel the need.

I’d have to say eat…

Next question.

Would you rather laugh uncontrollably at your grandparents funeral, or pee your self at your own wedding?

Both ;D

Would you rather own a dragon or own a unicorn?

A unicorn

Okay next question
Be stuck in dead space’s Ishimura or stuck in bioshock’s rapture.

The deadspace ship…

next question…

would you rather bungee jump off the edge of the grand canyon or do a skii jump? (the skii jumping kind lol)

Bungie jump!!!

Would you rather be a toothbrush or a retainer?


Would you rather die at 85 or live forever

die at 85

Would you rather have a million dollars, or meet your soulmate?

Would you rather see a Marlins game or watch your favorite yoyo being made into scrap

Marlins game

Would you rather dive into a pool of hungry sharks or lose an arm?

Depends which arm if left that one if right that one as well because Im sure you would lose much more than an arm with hungry sharks…

would you rather have pain normally through out your life or never have pain until 10 seconds before you die and all the pain of your life goes in your last 10 seconds…

never have pain until 10 seconds before you die and all the pain of your life goes in your last 10 seconds

Would you rather be sponsored by c3 yoyo design or yyr


Ding your favorite metal or go out with someone horrid?

ding my favorite metal
Would you rather be CEO of Microsoft or CEO of apple.

CEO of Apple.

Would you rather go mudding or get a REALLY bad sunburn?


Would you rather eat rotten eggs or rotten cheese?


Would you rather die being unable to yoyo (for whatever reason) or die from being hit with a yoyo?

Hit with a yoyo
Would you rather own an OG Peak or get sponsored?

Own a og peak
Would you rather kiss the ugliest girl or kiss you dog?

Kiss my dog

Woul you rather die in a fire or die slowly by drowning.