Just noticed something...


I just noticed that the only “eXperts” on here are Kim-Lan and Samad. DocRobot’s around, but he doesn’t post much anymore, and Pheenix… he kind of disapeared one day. Anyone have thoughts on this?


Well, I checked yesterday and Pheenix has only been gone for a week so he might have just went on a trip or something like that.


Good thought, but don’t you think he would have told us?

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he said he’s on a camping trip. it said on the plastic yoyo contest post. he said he’d be gone for a week. does that help?


Whoo, glad Pheenix isn’t gone for good.
And DocRobot doesn’t post here because he says there isn’t anything worth posting about :frowning:


Oh, I never saw that. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know about DocRobot, its a shame, really.


Yup, its all our fault DocRobot doesn’t post :frowning: He does seem to read alot of our posts though, i can see him online for hours sometimes (yesterday or the day before, not sure which day, but i did).


I notice the only posts here are about a person’s first or next yo-yo. There are some other posts but they are about stuff we talk about a lot. Maybe Doc is letting some of us have a chance to help others in a way he did.


Well, if DocRobot isn’t on, or posting, Andre should pick 2 Forum eXperts. One for the past month, to make it up, and one for June.


It’s almost the end of June. When is the June Forum expert going to be announced? Later.

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I am assuming the June forum eXpert is going to be announced in July with the July forum eXpert, since everything got a little delayed.


We shouldn’t replace Doc, he has helped a ton and should remain eXpert no matter what he does or goes. Just because he doesn’t help as much now doesn’t mean he should be stripped of his “Rank”.

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I know that, Evan, you made a good point. :slight_smile: But why should somebody be awarded when he/she rarely chips in?


DocRobot did contribute to the forums before, which is why he became a forum eXpert. Being a forum eXpert should be not considered necessarily as a title. We don’t really gain any privileges over the normal forum goer, which is why you can’t strip him of his “rank”. It isn’t a rank. It’s like an award, an honorable mention. It’s hard to explain, but it’s not something that can be revoked. He was recognized because he stood out that one month and that can’t be changed.


No, I know, I didn’t mean to get it taken away, or anything like that, but its just that he did get awarded that. Yes, like you said, it was honorable, but just because he got a position and a free Dark Magic and ceftificate doesen’t exactly mean he can run away on us.

Yes, he might have a job and live a life like Andre, who does have a job (I think at A2Z) and will occasionally come here, but Andre has been on more than him. Its like he dropped off the face of the Earth, or something.


He didn’t run away from us.


I know. He dropped off the face of the Earth. :stuck_out_tongue:



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I dropped off the face of the Earth!
That is the only solution!