Welcome back, DocRobot!

DocRobot, Welcome back! After about 1.5 years of not seeing you post it’s great to see you posting again.

For those of you who don’t know Doc, he is a respectable Forum Expert that gives well detailed advice. His posts are long but really worth the read and gets you thinking.

I’m pretty sure yoyoexpert has noticed you Doc and we are glad to read your posts again.

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Yeah, I just noticed that too! Welcome back! It’s good that your here again!

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I don’t think you were here when DocRobot was posting lol…
Anyways yea, good to see he’s back.

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Just seeing him here brings back lots of memories.

Welcome back, Doc.

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I’m still wondering where rsmod went, he never said goodbye did he?

I’ve seen Doc lurking in here from time to time, it’s great to see him back at it.

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I just realized that too. lol, I should of worded that differently then. haha

Didn’t he go to some like far away land for 9 months but never come back?

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Welcome back

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Wow! I just now noticed this thread!

Sorry for the absence, but life got a little hairy there for a while. Been dealing with some chronic health issues (we’re still up in the air about these, wish me luck) and a ton of family related stuff.

The wife and I just recently moved, and as I’m typing this I’m surrounded by tons of boxes and mess that has yet to be cleaned up or put away. Apparently, my dog has lost his mind as well, as he’s currently running laps up and down the hallway.

To “test” my new mailing address, I placed an order with Andre for some string and a new Hitman Pro. Hopefully they’ll get here soon, and I’ll find out if the “Solid Spin Axle System” is as good as I’m hearing. I’ve taken stock of my throws since the move a couple of days ago, and have all my babies sitting on the desk I’m typing at. My DM, Eneme, Spyder, PGM, Vict, DBFY, Pyro, TBBGT, I could go on for days – all just waiting to be thrown.

It’s good to be back. And I thank you all for this thread. You folks really are the best yo community out there. Real talk.


Doc rocks

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Sweet! so… lets see what we can do about kim lan…
jk ;D

Well, she just stopped yoyoing altogether. I bought her 5Star off of her. :stuck_out_tongue:

wow really

yes really.

and doc, i remember you left one week after i joined the forum.

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It’s great to see support for Doc after all this time he’s been gone. Even people who joined after he disappeared seem to welcome him back which is a sign that this forum is well informed.

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either really well informed, or really ignorant robots stuck on a “welcome back” loop. though i think it is the first. also the eXpert list may have helped inform people