Forum eXperts of - February and March

So without further delay we are proud to announce our first two forum eXperts of
I doubt these individuals will come as a surprise to you as they are two of the most kind and helpful people on this site.

Forum eXpert for April is coming soon so remember to stay friendly and helpful.  :wink:


Wow!! Thanks André! Robert!!! Try to get nominated once more, huh?

Congratulations to Samad and DocRobot! :smiley:

You guys really deserve this for all that you have contributed to YoYoExpert. Somehow, I knew you two would win this. :wink:

congradulations to Samad and Docrobot.

;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
Good Choices

Congradulations samad! You deserve to be an eXpert, because of all 1000+ of your helpful posts :slight_smile: Grats :slight_smile:

Grats Robot! you deserve it too, because of your generosity :smiley:

Samad and Docrobot!!! Way to go, good chioces.
now we have to nice to them JK good job :slight_smile:

WAY TO GO GUYS!!!Samad had quality and quantity I suppose eh?lol

they are the best here,wishes for both :slight_smile:

Congrats! :slight_smile:

Congrats to DocRobot and Samad!

Samad has been so nice here. He’s funny, and helps everyone. I think he does deserve to be an eXpert.

DocRobot’s post’s are all helpful to YoYoExpert. He’s a nice guy, he’s very active and helps alot.



Congratulations, Samad and DocRobot. You both have helped me as I slowly learn to yoyo better. Thank you for being so thoughtful of those of who are following behind you and who don’t know as much as you do. Thanks for thinking of us and helping us. It means so much, and it’s wonderful to have tips that make a difference in our yoyoing.

I want to say a special thanks to you Samad for your encouragement. You have helped me be able to keep practicing and enjoying my yoyoing even when I’m impatient with myself.


P.S. I left out the hypen in yoyo on purpose. I don’t like the way it looks. (I felt that as a teacher I had to say that.)

Congrats to Samad and DocRobot!!
I really going to say a big thank you to them, and you guys helped us all.
Way to go!

Happy Throwing! =]

Congratulations both of you!


lol, kinda guessed it was them! But great job guys!

Folks, thank you a million.

It’s nice to know that despite my occasional grumpiness and nonsense, someone’s getting some use out of what I say.

Again, good people, I really appreciate it. Thank you. All of you.

good job!!
two of the many good help on yye!!

That is just one of many of your lovable qualities. Good job man.