Congratulations to our May forum eXpert!

We are proud to announce our May forum eXpert of
What is amazing is the amount of expertise this individual brings to the forum with such little time actually have been “throwing.”  Remember its all about quality and overall helpfulness guys and this person is very deserving for both these reasons.

Forum eXpert for June is coming soon so as always remember to stay friendly and helpful.


congrats pheenix

nice! you deserve it!

grats pheenix

lol, about a week ago in the chat I suspected Pheenix, so I made him tell me :stuck_out_tongue:
Grats Pheenix!!!

Just because you cheated :stuck_out_tongue:

Addment: Atleast no one else knew… unless you told them.

Congrats pheenix! :wink:

Happy Throwing! =]


An excellent Choice!!!Grats Pheenix

Grats Pheenix, I tought you will be next expert.

Woot! Way to go man. ;D ;D

OK. Now stop with all the unnecessary posting. JK.

Addment: Great choice of day André. You just hit the Norwegian constitution day. HA

Congrats Pheenix buddy!


Awesome dude!

Congrats Pheenix!

Gratz Gratz


Nice, you were my actual choice (no offence jayyo).

Go and spread yo-yoing in Norway. You are now part of the YYE eXpert Team.

We are all the YYE Team; you’re just the higher division

Are mission isn’t to find sponsors but to spread yo-yoing to isolated cities.