Jensen Kimmitt yoyo company?

I know Jenson is leaving clyw but i have heard some people say he is creating his own company and no will be producing yoyos. I think that will be pretty cool ive always like Jenson and his play style what do you guys know about this.

I doubt it. Jensen doesn’t seem like a designer. Besides, far too many rumors float around about Jensen to make me believe this.

If he does power to him, if he doesn’t then I hope he finds something that pays the bills and gives him some peace! Everyone deserves some peace.

His name is spelled: Jensen Kimmitt


Thank you ^^^ has been grating my nerves :wink:

Well, if I recall, on one of his videos, he is using a wooden yoyo that was claimed to be made by Charles Haycock. Perhaps Jensen and Charles will open a company together? Making wooden yoyos?

Whatever, anything Jensen does I respect. He can do whatever he wants.

We can all dream. For now Jensen just needs some space and positive energy.


Yes a Jensen fixed axle company… The thing he can do with a fixed axle are just insane.

Thanks I changed it.

Uhhh… no you didn’t…

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Okay, so I’ve been letting it go for a while, but I’ve gotta say it (and I know I’m definitely not the first one to do so). Will everyone please stop overreacting about every little thing he does and rumor you here? Just chill for a minute and realize he’s a person just like everyone. I don’t think you’d enjoy it so much if people kept talking about everything you do. Stop watching the guy’s every move.


I agree with you i dont want to start rumor i was just asking a question. Someone at blc told me that he was.

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Wait waaaa?! I thought that Jensen had the YYF Northstar? Isn’t he with Yoyofactory?

Someone’s been living under a rock! Lol just kidding. There was a major issue with Tyler (I believe,…) and he left YoyoFactory. Moved to CLYW. And yeah,…


Oh ok. Sorry i don’t really keep up with “the news” because I’m like never ever gunna go to a contest because they are all a million miles away.

Hold up

Jensens leaving clyw?

He left CLYW. Chris has said he needs time away from yoyoing–his departure is the reason for the discontinuation (for now, at least) of the Canvas.

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I better find one then

Hes leaving CLYW? every yoyoers Dream is to be sponsored by clyw why would he leave?