Jensen kimmitt

What the deal with him is with yyf or clyw I was wondering?

English please?

This might get locked…

Anyway, he works for CLYW now, not sponsored, he works for them.


He is not currently sponsored.

Ok thanks

I think he is with nobody right now. He was not smart leaving CLYW, but he was realy smart leaving YYF. Hopefully he will join C3yoyodesign, there yoyos are beast!


Sorry, but i CANNOT see jensen with C3.

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Me either.

I like him not sponsored and working with CLYW.

He reps CLYW all the way I dont think he has any interest in getting sponsored

so is he retired from contest?

Jensen for now is enjoying yo-yoing for what it is - without being an officially sponsored player.  That is it for now - otherwise the only person who can really answer these questions is him.  :slight_smile:


Jensen has been a driving force behind CLYW’s design, branding, team and manufacturing. An on and off again team member since 2007, he has collected various titles in multiple countries, including Canadian, International and World titles. Besides being a well established competitor, Jensen has also collaborated with CLYW to create both the Wooly Marmot and The Canvas return-tops as well as multiple graphic design, packaging layouts and color-ways. When he’s not creating, Jensen can be found assembling return-tops, boxes, customer packages and eating Pizza.

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That was a great way to end this topic, thank you.