Jensen Kimmitt yoyo company?

read a few posts up and you will see why, i dont understand why the fascination with Jensen exists, again i just hope this guy finds something that brings him peace and pays the bills so he can get the relaxation and stress relief he needs.

Um, What do you mean “Every yoyoers dream?”
I know lots of people who would never want to be on CLYW

ok most yoyoers

ohh ok


Well Jensen hasn’t been on the team in a while(well technically) He was just working for Chris.

If he did, he would be pretty darn successful.

Just look at how much discussion he can get going just about the possibility…

Every time Jensen needs to take a break(who cares what the reason), the rumor mills go flying off in every which direction.


Doesn’t matter.

If he wants us to know, he’ll share at the right time. I got better things to do than keep track of this stuff.

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id like to apologies to everyone for starting some what of a rumor/ debate I didn’t know people cared so much, I was just asking a honest question.


Again, this is a sweeping and unfounded statement. A decent amount of young USA throwers may wish to be sponsored by CLYW, but these are also the people that probably don’t realise exactly what sponsorship entails and see it as the be-all-and-end-all of human existance.

Sponsorship puts pressure on people to compete/make appearances/market the brand. No yoyo company is going to want to sponsor a player that never competes or makes videos, that just defeats the purpose of sponsorship.

Companies go after the champions, the people that everyone is talking about, the people that can help market and sell their yoyos. Think YoYoFactory with Ann Connolly, they pay to send that girl all over the world to show her face and rake in more business.

For someone like Jensen who wants to take a break from yoyoing then sponsorship is unnecessary… likewise there is no need for Chris to put the CLYW name to someone that doesn’t throw any more and I’m sure Jensen understood that.

Sponsorship from Duncan=the dream…

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If I’m not mistaken (Chris?), Jensen did design at CLYW before he quit. He obviously knows his stuff if you see him in the Summit documentary.