Jensen Kimmitt White Shirt


I just heard this rumor, and I want to see if it’s real or not: Whenever Jensen has on a white shirt at a contest, he’ll be screwing around instead of competing.

I’m doubting this because I’ve only seen 1 instance where he wore white, and that was BAC 2014. He did screw around though.


Not another Jensen thread… Anyway, I too have never seen Jensen wear a white shirt other than this year BAC, just a rumor nothing more.

(Rock Shouse) #3

I heard this rumor about Jensen Kimmitt and a red shirt? When ever he wears his red shirt it means he is going to… fly around the stage…Huh!


Then the rumor is true :wink:


Really this is a rumor now? That’s just sad that this is what people create in their spare time…


I wear white shirts when I’m screwing around
Girlfriend says I look good in white


it’s just proof he was intentionally messing around from the start

(laxdude99) #8

He actually wore that white shirt at worlds this year so…


“…just wear black so you won’t talk to me…”

(Steve Brown) #10

If he wears a white shirt, he’s screwing around.

If he’s wearing a red shirt, he’s going to die in the first five minutes.


That’s funny… especially since I just had a conversation with Chris M. about trying to get Jensen to wear one of these, JUST to see what people would come up with. ;D
Link to shirt

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Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Fwd: Re: Re: Fwd: Fwd: Jensen Kimmitt conspiracy? What the clothing he wears means to the judges. 10 unbelievable ways your shirt color can influence your score. Also not a virus. Forward to five friends or you’ll find a judge under your bed!


Or I’ll find a judge under my bed?
Wait…isn’t Andre Boulay a judge?


(SR) #14

You’re seriously asking a question like this? Like, are you kidding me?

Jensen isn’t god, he’s a regular person. A regular person that just happens to be fucking amazing at playing with yoyos.

Leave the man alone, and quit making threads like this… everyone.


From what I hear, he has some nerve wearing white… ;D


Wow this community has gotten even more ridiculous.


That’s the thing about yoyo rumours, zero out of 10000 are true.


Every lie I’ve told is 100% true. ::slight_smile:

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Alright let’s end this madness here. I asked him and showed him this so here are the reasons. He gave me permission to share this.