It pays to have a cheap plastic sometimes :)

Hey guys!

So a bit of a personal story that happened to me the other night that I thought I would share!

As I’ve started getting back into things, I have made a habit of carrying around a yoyo with me when I go to and from work in the city and back home. The other night, I had spent some time with some friends for some late night drinks downtown, and was heading back home. I had my xconvict on me and I was throwing a bit while waiting for the next train. There was a guy who saw me and approached me exclaiming “hey you yoyo!”
Turns out that this guy used to throw quite a bit during the 02-03 period and had quite a bit of trick knowledge. I offered to let him try the convict but he was scared to ding the metal rims apparently. Which is when I reached into my bag to let him use my Big Ben.
He threw down some pretty neat stuff actually! Definitely had an old school feel to it which I loved.
We ended up hitting it off real well and talked quite a bit on the train.
We ended up exchanging contact info and I insisted on letting him keep the Big Ben. He agreed but only if he could buy me a drink sometime. Looks like I got myself a date next weekend. :wink:

I am very glad I had the Big Ben on me as he really didn’t feel comfortable throwing the vict due to the metal. And hey, possibly reigniting the yoyo spark of his past? And getting a date with a pretty cute guy all at once? Seems like a win to me.

That is an awesome little story, and it’s especially awesome you got a date from it! Lol! Good luck with that, and hopefully it will go well!

I met a guy who threw a couple years ago while I was throwing a ONE. ;D

Wow thats an awesome story everyone carry dollar tree yo-yos in your bags!!

That’s awesome. Way to spread the love! Hope your date goes well and hope more things like that happen in the community. :slight_smile:

Aw man this is cute

Really cool story!

Ps - at first when I read the post I read it from a guys point of view and got really confused hahaha thought that might give y’all a good laugh.


And i was thinkin if “he” was just kidding with the date thing haha

Makes me so much happier knowing I wasn’t the only one lol and me too!!!

I did the same thing :smiley:

Thank god I fought I was alone haha. I kinda figured it out after I saw “female” on her profile though.

Same. I thought the OP was some kawaii dude. :smiley: jk. I’m actually guilty of watching Sailor Moon as a kid. Good times.

But that’s a cool story.

Ha I think it be about a million and 1 chance that I’d run into someone else throwing in my city, let alone a female, some guys have all the luck.

I too read this from a guys point of view and was kinda confused until I clicked on OP’s profile and saw “female”. All makes sense now.

Well done, not only did you meet another thrower but you pulled. Props.

Bet the guy can’t believe his luck…

This would never happen in a million years to a male player lol. Too cool. I hope you guys hit it off :wink:

I watched the show too lol I grew up with my sister and a couple girls my mom babysat. Haha

And yeah that’d never happen to me!

Now let’s hope your date isn’t as cheap as your plastic :wink:

Cool story!

Yeah same. Sometimes you can’t really tell and if I don’t know, then I just assume the person is a guy lol.

Why can’t stuff like this happen to me? All the guys I meet that throw, why can’t they live near me? Ugh.
You scored lucky though :slight_smile:

Now guys… Even if I were a guy it shouldn’t be an issue of confusion or distaste. :slight_smile:
But yes we will see how things go!