It happened -- yo-yo hit my head

({John15}) #41

After two years, it finally happened. A yoyo drew blood

(Thomas Bellotti) #42

Damn dude, it knocked some giant hairy mass onto your chin too!

(Thomas Bellotti) #43

I kid, must’ve been quite the hard toss to get a round object to draw blood. Right in the forehead too, must’ve hurt. You all good, man?


Which yo-yo was the naughty one?

(ZAC) #45

My favorite part is the big smile lol


Well it is in his name

(ChrisFrancz) #47

Your wife must be proud.

({John15}) #48

My trustee Top Deck!

({John15}) #49



Welcome to the club!

(mgodzilla) #51

i smacked myself in the head with a throw monkey so hard once - both caps popped out.