Ouch! I just hit myself with a chaser when I was doing kwijibo looking from above.

I want to know your “ouch” incident. Here is a tip, “it’ll quit hurtin when the pain goes away”.

I was yoyoing in my kitchen when it turns out there was a mojor knot in my yoyo! big enough that it didnt go down all the way, and i was prepared to throw a strong sleeper! it was a maverick yoyo (metal) and it came back up only to smack me in the face! i had this painful bruise on my lip and a cut in my mouth! OUCH!

Got a twist hook in the response area. Threw the yoyo. Response kicked in. yoyo came around and pegged me in the chin. Last and only time I’ve hit myself.

My buddy once got a mild concussion from throwing his supernova with a knot in it. He gave up throwing after that incident.

I was throwing and didn’t realize there was a big knot in my yoyo. Then I threw a breakaway and the yoyo came and hit me hard on the side of my head

My Dingo hit my knuckles plenty of times. :-[

I once dislocated my knee on stage while doing a trick.

It was not a fun experience.

I came very close to knocking myself out with an ILYY void. Hit me right in the temple. Huge knot and black eye to boot.

I threw a really sloppy break away and then didn’t even really pay attention to it,I guess, and it came around and hit me in the temple. I still don’t really know how I let that happen.

I was yoyoing in class last year just to kill time. I didn’t know that my yoyo got a knot inside the gap after a bind and I threw hard, swung short and hit my forehead. I didn’t know I was bleeding until I put my hand on my face.

Yup, pretty boss.

I was doing a neck wrap but my (too long) hair got in the way and got sucked into the yoyo. Much yanking and pain ensued.

a while ago i failed at revolutions with my 09 noctu and got a cut on my arm stupidly i tried again and the same thing happened again

I hit my self on the head with my impromptu sharpie counterweight in front of my whole science class…smooth as butter… :stuck_out_tongue:

When I first started I lubed my bearing, didnt let it dry and just kept yoing. Needless to say it grabbed and came back hard and hit me in the eye. I had a huge gash that probably needed stitches but I butterfly taped it. had a black eye for weeks and still have the scarr and a big knot of scarr tissue. Seems like so long ago.

I got a knot in my dv888 I threw a breakaway and I chipped my glasses

I hit my mouth. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and my…

I did around the world with my one and hit my nose. I tried again and hit my moms van( like a bossXD).