Is this appropriate?


Hey y’all. I had a question about company t shirts. After going to, and competing in several competitions. I have noticed many people wear shirts for different companies. I would love to wear a yoyojam shirt on stage, as I am planning to compete with a surge and it is my favorite company. So, what I’m saying is, I’m not sponsored, (I wish I was ; :D) so would It be appropriate to wear a yoyojam shirt on stage?)



If you want to support a company its actually good exposure for them, regardless if you are sponsored or not.



And as long as you don’t sell things with there names on it, your good

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As long as you don’t suck, yes. It sounds harsh but you wouldn’t want to be wearing a companies T-shirt and give a bad performance because it would reflect poorly on the company, regardless if you’re affiliated with them or not.


i completely disagree

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Yeah, I don’t see that being relevant at all.


As long it’s not that tacky YYJ shirt they had a few years ago, you’re good.
Still can’t get over how many times the YYJ logo was plastered in different places in that particular shirt.

What I’m saying is, do YYJ a favor and make the brand look good :]


Yes. That’s why the sell T-shirts, so people will show their support.
It is entirely appropriate, as long as you wear some pants or something along with it. Also you have to change your favorite yo-yo in your stats to something other than a OD :wink:



What does “sucking” have to do with anything? Why would they make shirts if they thought they’d get embarrassed from people wearing them?

I’m pretty sure Yoyojam would be glad for him to be wearing their shirt and throwing their yoyos.

They would probably be glad to have as much exposure as possible. Regardless of skill level.


Thanks for reminding me! I always forget to do that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wear whatever you want. As long as, like your music, it’s family and kid safe/friendly, you’re fine.

What? Your shirt isn’t family and kid safe? You’re music isn’t either? Then you got problems.


haha no. I was talking about changing my favorite yoyo. All my music and attire is always kid safe.


Forget to wear pants?

Edit: no judgment here, I do it too sometimes.