this guy needs to be sponsored

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You never know, he could be a jerk. And how do you know he isn’t sponsored.


Maybe he’s just yoyoing for fun :open_mouth:


I met this guy at VA States, and this guy is really nice. He let me try all his throws, and he even taught me some tricks. Really Chill guy.
Also he told me that he doesn’t want to be sponsored, and if he got a Sponsorship, he would reject it.


He needs pants that fit for one thing.

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Style for miles. Not the style is usually like watching, but style nonetheless.

Sponsorship is overrated.

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JTman, really? Was that really necessary to say that he might be jerk? Cmon man, thats a joey move right there, and the fact you thanked Griff who is also being a joey for his criticism of his clothing?

You two can get out,

Go hate on peoples clothing and speculate on how they are without knowing them somewhere else, cause this forum is no place for little joey pups like you.

Get out.

On that note, Harold is legit, and his style has really improved over the years I have seen him throw, sponsorship isnt necessary for anyone and whatever is his choice, is his own.

Awesome freestyle, great style.


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^ needs to sit down.

tee hee


I’m just saying that being sponsored doesn’t just have to do with how good you are. It’s more about being helpful and having a good personality. Not that I think he doesn’t, but saying someone should be sponsored just because of their skills is just a misunderstanding of what being sponsored is really about.

                           And for your information, my name actually is Joey.

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Criticizing someone for a pretty legit point. Kind of a joey move. He never said that anyone WAS a jerk, he just said that the kid might be hard to interact with, which is why a company may not want him.

Griff made a joke. A funny. A humorous remark. I laughed.

You be joey.
Get up out here.


This guy…

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He was implying that he might be one, which is a joey move on his part.
And I’m sorry but criticizing someone even as a joke for the way they dress is low in any sense.

Sorry, but thats the truth.



That was a solid freestyle. Really innovative stuff. Makes me wanna get up and actually throw.


I’m not going to feed the troll because tapatalk ate half my post (again).

He was pretty good better than what I could do anyways. I think he could get away with less throws but that just comes with getting your routine down. I like his style of throwing though the “insert trick” circle thing is getting old by now.

He really should wear pants that fit better if he’s going to turn around three or four times on a stage. But as a performer myself I am probably more critical of how people present and conduct themselves on stage.



I mean, what’s wrong with his pants? I see these type of pants everyday.


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Exactly, people need to quit being little picky 8 year olds and grow up and watch some yoyoing ya know.

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This is still happening, huh?

leaves again


Yes the passive aggressive trolls are at it again. You should stay away it’s safer. I’ll cover you with 3a pistoleros.

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The ignorance in this thread amuses me.


I believe you are being one of tof the worst ones here.

leaves again
Yes the passive aggressive trolls are at it again. You should stay away it’s safer. I’ll cover you with 3a pistoleros.
The ignorance in this thread amuses me.