Is the yomega maverick or dash better????

dash or maverick?i wanna know what one to get? i no they are very similar, but which one is better. and which color is the hottest ::slight_smile:

do you know how to bind return, if you do, I don’t recommend yomegas, you should get a dark magic, or a protostar or something like that. If you dont know how to bind, you should still get the dark magic.


it owns…

O yeah the ooch smoov is awesome but dash can be rendered quite good …

Their both unresponsive after about a week of play. And I like my maverick, but from what I hear the dash is the same thing but wider so i’d go with the dash.

it depends on your style of play. The maverick is good for faster string play and the dash is way better at grinding and whips and such. They are both completely unresponsive with a cleaned bearing. The dash is one of my main pocket throws due to the fact that it’s cheap and I don’t mind beating it around. By the way the dash thumb grinds incredibly and is super easy to catch. I have one of each and play with both of them equally. 8)

AND they’re cheap ;D

I don’t know which yomega your playing but they are the best cheap metals I have ever played with and cleaning a bearing is the only thing i have done to them. beats the pants off of a kickside in my opinion

and you yours, but i have the dash and all i did was clean the bearing and play with it for a week and it was easily on par with the kickside, if not slightly better. I would buy the dash rather than the maverick cause as M said its wider.

its not the yoyo, its the yo-er

kicksides own because of the shape!

No yoyo is better than any other. Saying one yoyo is worse than any other is just plain wrong. I’ve owned Mavericks and Dashes. They’re both wonderful yoyos.

Nothing there is true. And…

Also not true.


Why do you think they’re sub-par? What sets the standard? What makes these worse?

a lot of people think that any Yomega yoyo is “sub-par” cause of what they did at Worlds:,9951.0.html

  1. yyj=rubber o rings

  2. they play good as is, small bearings own, no modification need be made…

  3. then use rubber o rings!

  4. ed haponic does string tricks with a responsive, No where does it say the dash and maveric are supposed to be unresponsvie (then again, yyj hybrid yoyos are supposed to all be unresponsive out of the box)

  5. BvM’s own, china makes alot of yyf yoyos

  6. Light=fast


  1. once again, ep haponik

you gotta stop hatin on yomega and start hating on peterfish!

OK to answer the original question between the Dash and Maverick the dash is better and the silver dash looks the best.

Nope. Neither is better.

Mi, it’s pretty much just preference on everything you said.

I like the Dash better cause it is wider but Ape is right they’re both equal play wise.

Interesting. (Note your comment in red above.) In the “Whats a good mod for the yomega dash or maverick?” thread I asked, “Doesn’t the bearing seat rest on top of or float on a recessed area of the stock rubber response system? How do you do the silicone mod without the bearing seat extending into the gap?” to which you responded, “Put the silicone in first then sink the spacer into the silicone and clean it up. Easy.”

So which is it, easy or difficult? ???

How the heck does it require a massive amount of sili?
By born2curl at 2010-07-08
I did not use a lot of sili here bud.

Bearing is not small. it is a slightly slim bearing that is right around the size of the C bearing. are C bearings small?

It isn’t a knock off of a BVSM, don’t try that.

so what, it requires cleaning? Lazy much?

Having a Maverick for 2 weeks now, I couldn’t have been any happier than I am with it. Got it considerably cheaper ($20 if you look hard enough) too. Yes, it’s responsive out of the package, the rubber rings had (Yes, had) the mold marks, and was stealthy quiet. I’ve simply cleaned the bearing, lightly lubed it and now it is 99.9% unresponsive. I may be due for some string change soon though as it’s acting a little funny with it. My average spin time’s about a minute. Grinds nice too. Despite whatever happened in the past with Yomega (Do people still hate Yomega for that? I’ve been out of the loop from 2000 - 2009 as far as yoyo news and tech goes), I’d recommend this, it’s a really great yo and fits in the pocket nicely too! I’ve even managed to learn a few advanced tricks on it.

Back to the topic, I know the Dash is just slightly different in size and weight. I’d say it depends on if you want bigger or smaller. I’m sure performance-wise it’s the same.