Is the Gnarwhal extinct?

On CLYW’s webby
It says that the Gnarwhal has been discontinued
Is this true?


Quote from Chris:

Something to look forward to! Can’t wait to see what those crazy Canadians come up with.

I better pick up one of the old ones just because

The current (past I guess!) Gnarwhal is an OK yoyo. In my opinion, nothing particularly special. Looking forward to an updated Gnarwhal, though!

Undersized Chief would be awesome 8) That way we would have a Normal Chief, a plastic chief and an undersized one… I’m really excited to see what Chris will do with it though :slight_smile: if really like to see it bumped up to around 53mm.

Keep it at 52mm. Bump the width up to 44-45 and I would definitely be interested. Gnarwhal is my favorite Caribou Lodge yoyo so this news is bittersweet for me.

I would like to see an Ava like ridge. Only a tad wider MAYBE 43 mm but I LOVE the diam at 52. The gap could be a tad wider too. Then it would be even better than ever!!

May I present the comeback Gnarwhal!


I find myself constantly reaching for a Gnarwal when I want to throw CLYW. Just shows how key preferences are.

I won’t argue with you on the newer Gnarwal. I can’t wait to get one!