---Remember...the Gnarwhal---

With all the new Caribou lodge hype and new yoyos like the Chief, AC, Cliff and Puffin I think we need to take a step back and appreciate the forgotten or underrated ones that are left out of the newer runs of CLYW yoyos. Without the gnarwhal Caribou lodge would be very diffrent, the sas came from the gnarwhal and the avalanche from the sasquatch, and even now the AC has a very obvious profile of the avalanche.

The gnarwhal will allways be my favorite, and my first, Caribou Lodge yoyo.

I too love the Gnarwhal! Awesome video!

I just got a Gnarwhal for Christmas, and it just ROCKS. Im totally gonna get another CLYW soon.

Nice video btw

Thanks guys.