Caribou Lodge Gnarwhal

Looks hot! Might just get one. My friend has a Bear VS Man and it’s pretty awesome. I trust CLYW for their awesome good looking yoyos that are durable and have very good playability. I hope this is another successful design from CLYW! :wink:

soooo, whats this thread for exactly?

To let people know when it will be released.

put them in new release thread.
we have that thread exactly for things like this.

Icthus should sticky this! lol

ok i am debating whether to get this or a ministar when it comes out. narwals are my favorite animal, but generalyo is my favorite company and 5 star is my favorite yoyo besides size because i thought it was too big… you know, im thinkin ministar… or both maybe?

I have a banged up ministar that I would sell you if you want a Gnarwhal, or in your case get a Ministar because there may not be another run. I can almost be certain there will be another run of Gnarwhal.

what will the price be? Thanks.

i believe icthus deleted it… because… it’s not there anymore…, of course, a little more info than just a link would of been nice…

Edit: Only 11 min till release!!

Got it

my friend wants to get it for my bday… in 6 months

Have fun finding one in 6 months.

I want one but I have no money… so I’m probably not going to get it. >:

2nd run will probably be somewhat about that time

BTW is anyone else’s responsive? It snags like crazy.

just keep playing with it, sometimes the response on such yoyos takes a long time to break in, and then, it could be your string.

I’m using highlights and found out the silicone just needs to wear out a little.