Marmots are back!!!

yay :slight_smile:

they release tonight!!!

im  gonna snag a 28 stories  :wink:

I wish I had some extra cash, I dig the way this throw looks.

Man I really want to get one

Just ordered mine Gnarwal!

looks oddly similar to my skywalker.

I have a Marmot, and its priceless one of THE BEST throws I own.

Ugh… I want one sooo bad. And I want that nice Gnarwhal too. Looks good by the way Death.

5 28 stories edition gone in 5 minutes. Got mine :slight_smile:

Both are YYN edition

loool i got the 29th one according to YYE, and i got mine over an hour after launch. definitely not 5 gone in 5 minutes. (i got one too :D)

I have a marmot. The Grey Green and Clear Wash. Kinda wanna trade mine for one of the team editions or 28 Stories >.<.

Too bad I just blew my money on a Peak…I want 28 stories :frowning:

Man If i knew it was comeing here I woulda bought mines from here instead of paying extra to have it shipped from england and still have to wait for it, :-\

I have an older Marmot, but I don’t realy like it that much. I prefer the Gnarwhal, so I gots myself one of those YYN ones! Yay!

Man, I need one soooo bad!!! And yay!!! They restocked them!!!