Is the edgeless by yyf good?

I’m looking to buy Evan Nagao’s last signature yoyo. Is the Edgeless good, or is it simply a knockoff of the dv888 and the cali plus the protostar?


Oh - it is nothing like Dv888 or California. It is really really different…

It’s a very unusual yoyo to be completely honest. The shape is as organic as it gets and with the inner cap the way it is - it gives a weight distribution unlike any other. Super floaty and just a very relaxed throw - more than any I can currently think of that is still built for unresponsive play.

It also just kills it at fingerspins - either one finger or two finger - dead easy to catch and control.

My only recommendation is I like it better with yellow or red pads - something a bit more grabby than the white ones in it - not sure if its a shape thing, etc. Or just a thicker string worked too.

Great yoyo! Super fun!


Well evan does use plutonium which is quite fat, fatter than most of my string and is pretty grippy


Very valid point! I also do love Plutonium - I’m still very much a Type X user - haha. I’ve also been enjoying the new Markmont formulas and some of those are thinner, etc.

Thicker string regardless is nice on EDGELESS! :blush:


It is really good. I would say it’s more like a DNA and a Sherpa, two of my favorite YYF / Basecamps, this will become a classic must have. I’ve been playing it with some Knot Bads, regens and laceration binds are awesome. Oh yeah it can do all of those Finger spin moves as well.


It is super good, also comes in a can so you could say it’s souper


I have no idea how you arrived at this combination to describe the Edgeless.


I’ll hopefully find out tommorow. Will report back.

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Best organic ive played this year.


Er what? My Edgeless did not come in a can. The Moonshine 2.0 came in a can though!

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Huh must have been a prerelease thing, mine came in a can

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One of mah fav releases of this year.

Mine too😂 my girlfriend is obsessed with the can


I missed the silver/purple, so I’m just waiting on the next batch! But definitely snagging one at some point.

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Next batch restock is in

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Good man! Looks like I’m not waiting very long at all then. lol. Ty! :ok_hand:t2:

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Got mine today. Binds are bit slippy for me out of the box, will replace using flowable silicone. Other than that it plays pretty chill. Super powdery and slick feeling in the hand.

Anodizing is pretty mediocre, has some kind of marks in it. Also has a decent amount of fingernail vibe.

Seems like every aqua Edgeless I see photos of is far more saturated in color than mine. :frowning:

Here we go. See what happens

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This Color is so decieving in pics. Lol. It don’t look bad tho.