August 23rd, Edgeless release date

I was just reading a long list of amazingly interesting things that happened on August 23; throughout recorded history.

Obviously everything on the list; is just that; part of history.

Well; this August 23rd is still in the future. It just around the corner.

It is the general release date of one of the most Amazing yo-yos you have never tried. But if you love excellent yo-yos. This has got to be on the top of your list!

YoYoFactory is releasing the Edgeless. Designed by Evan Nagao; this yoyo embodies the energy and flow of the man himself.

Sometimes one of the best things you can say about a yoyo; is that you can’t find anything you don’t like about it. I mean; that in itself is a compliment.

But the Edgeless doesn’t take you there. Your mindset won’t be about finding things you don’t like. Your immediate focus will be more on how damn good this yoyo is.

It is Stunning. Seamless ergonomic shape. Superb weight distribution. Stability and spin time. Feel on the throw down, in motion and on the return. The visual appearance is slick. The price point is a top value considering its’ performance potential.

Mark your calendar. It’s coming… and it’s really, really good.

I wouldn’t kid ya…


Hard to tell from phots, but are the two different colours just anno or some kind of hubcap?

Really interested in this YoYo.


Its ano.

And yes, its very very good


It is two different pieces, but there isn’t much of a seam to indicate that


It’s super nice! One of my favorites at WYYC for sure!


What’s the story with the car?

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Consider me intrigued.

But where are all the photos of the blue (aqua) one?


Heres my aqua.


I like the fact that the inner cup piece is the same color as the rest of the yoyo. Do we know for sure that’s how the production version will look?

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Is it monometal?

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Yes it is.

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This style of picture bring back great memories @yoyodoc! :heart:

And I can confirm - Edgeless is AWESOME!


Tell us more!

How is it awesome?


This is high praise from someone you plays and has modded alot of yoyos. I’m really looking forward to get to play one of these. Next Friday I’ll be waiting for the drop.


It’s a premium feeling “edgless” organic. Perfect balance of float and power. Amazing grind finish and the cup fingerspins for days without feeling gimmicky. Reminds me of the AL Bowl. You want it @zslane, even if you prefer rim weighted competition style throws.


I wonder if this is going to be a limited “jump on it soon” sort of release, or whether I can wait till September to snag one. What colors are going to be available?


I find it to be a really comfortable and fun throw - it is has this neat ‘hollow’ feeling but in a good way… Where it still has weight for spin but it floats through the air. It also makes this really neat ‘ping’ sound when you bind it I’ll have to try and capture on video - lol.

It also is remarkably superb for learning how to finger spin. With finger spins I have found there is ‘two finger’ and ‘one finger’ technique and it really depends on the yoyo type… But Edgeless is the first yoyo I have found where it just doesn’t matter - no matter how you hit the cup it finger spins! :fire:


How much are them?

I will most likely get one to go along with my AL Bowl. But only if I can get the solid aqua one…

Super excited for this one!

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