Yoyofactory Edge?

Evan Nagao has been teasing about his signature yoyo, the yoyofactory edge. Does anyone know anything about it?

I think Kevin had one at PNWR. Didn’t ask Evan about it…

According to Evan, it’s coming out in early May. At least, that’s what he said in an Instagram comment.

Yyf said that it is supposed to come out in May as well I believe.

Does anyone know how much it will cost?

Just a guess but I would assume it would be in the same area as the rest of the budget throws that yoyo factory has… $45-60

Ah, Evan Nagao, the son of Alan Nagao the founder of Team High Performance. 8)

Well, it is bi-metal, so I would guess over $100

Superstar 2016 is 75. So it being bimetal isn’t the best indicator for me. Price point guessing seems useless here as YYF basically charges what they want. I think it’s safe to say it’ll cost you money… YYF has been really smart in how they attack different tiers of the market. It wouldn’t surprise me if they double down on the budget bimetal, as it’s a newish area. Then again it could easily be $120. At this point, pinpointing a price point will be difficult because YYF doesn’t follow pricing trends. They start them.


Since it is bi-metal (as far as I’m aware), it’ll probably be 80 dollars. Or more.

It is Bi-Metal and will not be under $100.

Its a pretty special yoyo and it hasn’t been easy or inexpensive to get it right but we think it is now and believe it delivers amazing value at this price.

I can’t wait to get one. “Edge” stands for sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for the drop. :large_blue_circle::large_blue_circle::white_circle:️:white_circle:️:white_circle:️

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I got to throw Erics a couple days ago, it plays great and has a really higher end feel - Definitely wouldn’t expect to see it under $100, but if it’s close to that then it’s a bargain!

What does the Edge even look like? Can we see a photo of that dang thing? ???

It’s stil a little off in our release calender. We are working with Evan next week on some photos and video :+1:t2:

Cool. ;D

Oh it’s a bimetal! Awesome! I didn’t know that! Sorry about my uninformed post earlier…

^i was kind of under the impression it s superwide, dont know where that idea came from now i think about it

Interesting. The steel looks really wide compared to what we’ve seen before.