Yoyofactory Edge?


I was totally under this impression too. Not sure where it came from either

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Nagao uses Monsters a lot so maybe that’s why.

Those things are pretty wide.


Ah. :slight_smile:


another look at it


I wonder if there will be any splash colors available…


yeah there’s definitely not enough splash options available nowadays.

I’ve heard the reason why it won’t happen, but I still think yyf should bring back the espionage coating. Ideally the white.
People can handle a little vibeee come on Ben.


I agree. And most custom anodizers will not work on bimetals :frowning:

They cannot anodize the steel.


Uh😳 Don’t look now, but>

The steel rings are installed ‘after’ the ano has been completed.

examples: Nightmare, Firrox, Rave, Rainbow, Leviathan 7,etc…

Not sure how you missed that? You musta been out with the flu🤔


I was being sarcastic, I’m sorry haha.

If I’m being honest I think the splash is getting a little out of hand. But I know I’m in the minority with that one lol.
I still get excited about how a few new splashes look (for instance the galaxy finish is out of this world awesome) but for the most part I feel like I’ve seen the same thing over and over for the past 4 years or so with an insane name tacked onto it.

I’m sure I’m being too nit picky but I do kinda miss the variety in small bearings, pads, stuff like that, seems like as soon as the focus of the community started shifting towards looks, variety in the guts of yoyo’s and types of finishes (not colors) have begun to vanish.

Gotta sell what sells I guess lol


I HATE splashes. Solids are much classier while splashes look messy and usually have many flaws.

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The first 2/3 of this response is all opinion, so I won’t debate that. You have a right to not like splash. Lol

But on the many flaws… It depends on who you buy from. I’ll leave it at that.


I’m the opposite, I’m a sucker for a good splash or acid wash. Not to mention, you get cool effects when you record it spinning!


I like both but for me it depends on the shape of the yoyo as to what I like on it. I like my organic shaped throws to be solid colors while I like my “V” shapes and “W” shapes with splashes.


what I meant by this is that it is much easier to hide flaws in a splashed yoyo. Particularly if it is 3+ colour a.


Perhaps I should have specified more. I meant that if I bought the edge in a solid color, I would not be able to get it custom anodized because of the rims that are on there.

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Anodize flaws don’t really hide if you look for them.


I looked on the YYF website, and found that the release date for the Edge is WAY later this month on the 27th.


Price of edge leaked!!! thank you BillyBob!!


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I think they’re doing a pre-release this weekend at BAC. Normally I usually go for the splash/acid wash/more custom colors but I think the solid kind of takes the cake here, not really caring for the dipped one, just doesn’t seem to stand out to me.

Any idea what these are going to cost? (Gonna have to control my spending this weekend as I’m also in the process of getting a new vehicle)


Well, on the site that was posted earlier, it was retailing for $120.