YoYoFactory MONSTER Edge!


The latest signature model of 2018 World Champion Evan Nagao is here and it’s bigger than anyone expected! The MONSTER Edge!

Taking inspiration from Evan’s former YoyoFactory yo-yo of choice, the Monster, the new MONSTER Edge fuses design elements from the signature EDGE line with this super-wide design. It’s a wide throw designed for big tricks and larger than life performances – Exactly what Evan Nagao brings to the stage!


(Evan Landreneau) #2

How much?

(ClockMonsterLA) #3

It says $60.00 in the box above your post.


Nice! Just the 3 colorways then?


I’ve been holding back replacing my k’edge to grab this one… anyone know how it plays?

(ClockMonsterLA) #6

Like a monster?


It plays like a beefed up atlas

(Richard) #8

If it does well there will be another 3


Considering few people currently on this board; have even heard of; much less even played, seen or touched an Atlas. That isn’t exactly the most useful information, hahahahahaha🤡

(Samuel) #10

You should watch the mystery package unboxing of evan nagaos I saw it. There is also a prototype yoyo in there a new signature it looks like a hybrid edge.


Was it that giant box? I saw it! Sooo much goodness…

(Samuel) #12

yea it was


I seriously want about 2/3 of that box!

(Samuel) #14

Yep that would be sick


oooh new colors