New YYF Colors – Edge, Horizon, & Replay PRO!


When YoYoFactory started working with Evan to create his yo-yo, they were pleasantly surprised. Evan didn’t have any set idea of what his yo-yo would look like, no dimensions or weight or preset specs, he just knew how he wanted it to play and feel. YoYoFactory went to work, translated what Evan was looking for into a tangible design, and after a few tweaks the Edge was born!

It’s not huge, it’s not heavy, and it’s specs are within the realm of yo-yos you may have tried, but the feeling you get from the Edge is totally unique. It was designed to give Evan that extra edge when he’s hitting some impossible new combo or rolling around on stage, and that’s exactly what it does!


YoYoFactory worked closely with Paul to create a yo-yo that would perfectly compliment his intense and innovative play style. They started with the basics – Make it oversized, powerfully stable and extremely long-spinning. Then – Widen the catch zone and maximize rim weight to slay horizontal tricks. And finally – Create an amazing unique cup to effortlessly breeze through finger spins like a boss. What more could you ask for?


The two bottom edge colors look amazing!