Edgeless by Evan Nagao & YoYoFactory

Introducing EDGELESS

World Champion Evan Nagao known for his signature series of EDGE yoyos needs no introduction. Everything in the Edge product line from the plastic WEDGE to the insanely powerful Edge Beyond is proof Evan understands what it takes to create the ultimate freestyle yoyo. What’s left after you design the best yoyo in the world and win the World title with it? Introducing the EDGELESS.

As Evan steps back from the competition stage the EDGELESS is the perfect way to signify his new direction in life. Less competition, more music, and simply more fun. From your first throw with Edgeless it is clear that this yoyo encompasses that journey. Not only does it feel special in the hand it is visually mesmerizing thanks to its clean curves and aluminum construction.

As YoYoFactory puts it Edgeless has an ‘ANTI modern competition yo-yo feel’ while still delivering amazing performance. Released as part of the reboot of ‘Basecamp’ the Edgeless features a hollow construction expanding on what they learned from the release of the SHERPA yo-yo. The hollow construction also creates a very unique satisfying sound as it spins.

Oh and did we mention, this yoyo is a true fingerspin machine! Thanks to its beveled cup no matter how you hit it your finger is pulled in which makes it a perfect yoyo to learn to fingerspin. Get ready to experience something new with Edgeless.


So is it the teal in your image…or the blue in all the other images?

I love yoyoexpert but that’s one thing I find frustrating. I think a lot of your images are too flooded with light and it makes it very difficult to accurately know what color a yo actually is based off of the ones you show in the product listings.
It happens on many of your green throws.


It looks more like the first picture in the triangle configuration.


Also, I love the price point on this and I think all colorways look amazing!
I’m especially liking that red/black!!


I tried to make sure the 'white background 'pictures are representative of what it looks like. The promo pictures were taken in some dark light and so look a little different, etc…


To be fair to you guys as well…I’ve NO idea what all goes into taking professional quality product shots like you guys do. I can only imagine really.

When I take most of my green throws though and look at them in person and compare them to the images you post…they’re a very different color altogether.
Color is among the most important things to me when obsessing on what next to add to my collection…so I just find it frustrating.
I typically seek out images on google, videos on youtube, or elsewhere online to try and get a more accurate idea of what color yos are.


What color you see on your screen is also very much dependent on the device you are using and its calibration, etc. We do the best we can to match what we see - but the calibration of a person’s device can change subtle hues in color from what we see, etc. So while it might look right on our end - it can vary. We try really hard to get the primary shots to match - and we have had this conversation before about the ‘green yoyos’ - lol… Green for some reason is the hardest of the colors!


Also - you are right in that we do use a lot of light to properly light the yoyo (eliminate shadows and show the entire shape properly)… It is a difficult balance trying to properly light a yoyo and show what the color will look like in basic room lighting, etc.

And color you see can also really change depending on what type of light you have available wherever you happen to be. Normal daylight is very white light whereas lights in a house are ‘warm’ (2700K compared to like 4000K or 5000K if you look it up) and the color coming off combines with the color you see on the yoyo to also make it look pretty different.

Ideally - the white lights most people have in a bathroom is going to be closest to the color you would see via our pictures, etc. (And then even iPhone ‘tries’ to correct the color you see on the screen based on the color of the light in the room - so many variables involved in the subtle shades of a color we finally get on a digital screen!)


Color is hard in pictures not in context. The dress color fiasco is an example of this.


Really appreciate you taking the time to reply to me.
You guys do produce some stunning photos. Very professional and consistent across your entire store. From the cheapest of throws all the way on up.

I really need to let this go. I feel like I’m trolling you and I honestly don’t want to do that. You and Garrett have been so awesome to me these past few months.

Plus there’s just way too many factors in taking as high quality of photos as you do that I’m not taking into account…such as some of the stuff you’ve brought up here.

I also remember reading an article somewhere years ago and I think they mentioned how green was the most difficult color to photograph with cars as well.

Thanks again for taking the time Andre!


The infamous dress thing was due to the background and lighting environment being at just the right contrast threshold that color perception was almost guaranteed to snap to one of two very different interpretations by the brain. That was not a case of being out of context, but a case of the context suffering from unexpected and freaky cognitive ambiguity.

The product photos found on the YYE webstore have no context, and instead have a completely neutral lighting environment. Having other objects would allow us to have a sense of its size, but the neutral white environment is ideal for capturing color, though without objects behind the camera to serve as reflection shapes, the reflective qualities of a yoyo’s finish are impossible to capture.

Having said all that, @twitch77 is not imagining things. I find that the YYE photos are almost always too brightly lit, and the colors of the yoyos are usually very noticeably darker IRL. And some ano colors will experience a bit of a hue shift when over- or under-lit as well, making it that much harder to know what you will actually get color-wise when the yoyo is in your hands.


Got a purple/silver :smiley:


Anybody thrown this yet? How’s it feel?


The colors are all so nice. That was a hard choice deciding which one to grab.

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I’ve found that with some One Drops. I picked up a purple Markmont Classic not long ago and thought the particular shade of purple was perfect on the website, but was a bit disappointed with it in person.


Grabbed that sweet silver/purp. Very excited for this it looks like it exactly fits my style!


Its really nice. Floaty but not neccessarily “fast”. Its got a relaxed feel to it on the string. Really nice feel in the hand, amazing blast that i havent felt on other yyfs i have. Ticks a lot of the boxes for me. I threw a flat in there and like it better compared to the CT it came with


Here’s a quick photo (iPhone, sorry for closeup distortion) at my desk in kinda dark not-so-great lighting. Probably closest to what it’s going to look like out of the box in your house with not-so-great lighting. :grin:


Take a pic of the one I bought next! :wink:

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The red/black and silver/purple look about right in the pictures. Aquas/teals are just a real pain to picture accurately as André mentioned.