Edge beyond

(Scotty P) #1

Who else is super Hyped for the edge beyond!!! I have never been this excited about a yo-yo release ever!!! Who’s coping one on the pre order and what are your thoughts!!!

(Ken) #2

Great yoyo. Kinda expensive. Really fun throw. Really stable. Good for any style.


Isn’t it partially expensive because Evan wanted a fancy aftermarket bearing in it?

I’m a fan of bimetal yoyos where the bimetal extends BEYOND the edge.* This is uncommon, and we’ve now seen several yyf models do this in 2018 – I think Singularity does it as well.

* you see what I did there? eh?? ehhh?


Yeah, they could have made it cheaper by using the standard yyf bearing.


Titanium Axle too. And the pre-order comes with an Edge Beyond T-Shirt and one of those 2-yoyo hard cases that came in the recent Mystery boxes.


Does that type of beyond the rim construction make it particularly vulnerable to getting vibey after hitting the ground?


I’d imagine it makes it more fragile. Rings attached in the cup of the yoyo is the most durable, rings on the catch zone are more prone to shifting and causing vibe.

I would think the “beyond” construction would make it even more fragile.

(Scotty P) #8

I’m gonna be honest I’m only using this yo-yo over a rug or a mat…
Another question what color are you getting if your coping one??
Mine - fade

(From the cranky old folks home) #9

Quite frankly, bearings are a small fraction of the cost of a yoyo, including this one.


On reddit @yyfben2 specifically said it was the xxtra fancy YYR bearing, which ain’t cheap!


Dang I want one sooo bad! Idk prob won’t have the money ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ


Steel is stronger than aluminum. Generally we recommend not hitting the ground tho

(ClockMonsterLA) #13

I really like the Edge, but I don’t think I could get on with the Beyond’s massive rims. Even if I could, I’d have a real hard time deciding between the red and the aqua colorways.

(Rock Shouse) #14

I’m so feed up with all the hype/ various shapes and changes to the same throw…? I think I’ll wait until the edge beyond comes out without the shirt & bag…YYF can keep for my $50 bucks!! No way I’d be roped into this crap of advertising…hell we are considered idiot consumers’ guys!!


I too am disappointed by this offer. Why is the price so high? If the Edge retails for an already high $75; it is hard to see how this extended version should cost any more. Adding all this stuff I do not need to make it a “deal” has made it not so much of a deal; but doubled the price to $150. Did I mention I have to wait for it too?

The last mystery box was a bit of a turkey. This “deal” appears to be a great deal for YYF; not so much for me. Perhaps YYF needs to keep value in mind when making these offers. Calling it a deal does not make it so.

I too will wait until this sinks back to a price that is competitive with other throws. Some decent colors would be nice too.

(André Boulay) #16

Edge Beyond is honestly very very different… Perhaps ‘Beyond’ doesn’t capture that this is a true departure in my opinion for this yo-yo. The rims are extremely powerful - it really is a completely new beast in terms of performance. Very very impressive throw (having finally got one in my hands).

I know… It is a lot of ‘EDGE’ with Wedge, Ko’olau EDGE, EDGE, and now Edge Beyond… But… Edge BEYOND really goes out of the box while maintaining what Evan wanted/needed.

And honestly - we were trying to offer a bonus here with the shirt and case… in no way do we or would I ever consider anyone here an idiot consumer…

(André Boulay) #17

It’s expensive. But once I got one in my hand… you get it… It’s a really unique and premium feel.

To consider the price difference also consider that it is the World Champion’s throw. The construction is rock solid. Obviously the parts have been mentioned are premium. There is promotion needed and ideally Edge BEYOND can help keep Evan in the game and motivated to keep putting yo-yo in front of people the way he is doing - Evan is really good for the sport and hobby - and we need that right now. If you don’t think its worth the price tag that’s ok (but maybe if you get a chance to throw it might change some people’s minds there) - but again I think people have a right to be excited about this throw - in my opinion it really is something new and different that I cannot put down right now.


The Edge was originally more than $75! They reduced the price over time. So perhaps that will happen with the Beyond over time as well.

(ClockMonsterLA) #19

I’m a big fan of Evan’s, which is why I didn’t hesitate to pick up an Edge a couple of weeks back, even before I was ready for an unresponsive bimetal. But I think the Edge Beyond is just too much yoyo for me. Too much width, too much rim, too much power. As a fan, I really want to support Evan, but I also only want yoyos in my collection that I believe I would actually use.

And this raises a related question in my mind: is this wide, huge-rimmed bimetal design a glimpse of the future for competitive yoyos? Is it going to define the cutting edge of competitive design and start a trend, or is it only destined to become an historical curiosity?

(Chris Compton) #20

I don’t see the titanium axle really adding too much to the cost, seems minuscule.