Edge beyond

(ZAC) #21

I think it is a great deal myself. It looks incredible and I like the idea of all the components being primo. I see other companys release throws well over this price range without any extras being included. I am surprised to see so many people sour about it.


It kinda feels like people are pretty much only upset because they have a comparison point with the Edge. Plenty of bimetals are $150.


I tend to agree, $150 isn’t that much if you factor in titanium axle, double-plus fancy YYR bearing, and bimetal-ality.

I mean, look at the yo-yos that YYE sells ordered by price descending…


So many others are “expensive” as well… CLYW Igloo for $165, anyone? Sleipnir for $155 (not even a bimetal)? Sengoku Mushashi for $168? And that’s not even addressing the Turning Point and Sturm Panzer :elephant:s in the room :wink:


So, instead of offering low-priced; high quality throws, YYF will adopt a “whatever the market will bear” price strategy? That will make buying much more efficient for me. I can just find the highest priced YYF and buy that. If I do not think it is worth the price, I will judge all other YYF throws by that standard.

That works for Yoyorecreation. I wonder if it will work for YYF?

Of course I will compare the price of this yo-yo against the Standard Edge. This is simply the edge with different rings stuck on. Not doing so would be silly. That YYF or YYE expects me not to; is puzzling.


I’m gonna have to hop on the overpriced train with this one. I guess for what it is it’s not THAT overpriced, but still. The bearing is cool and all, and I prefer it over the standard CT so I’m all for that but the Ti axle wasn’t really necessary imo.

As for the “lots of yoyos cost more than $150” argument, almost all of them are made in Japan or at least Japan based. YYR, TP, Sengoku (I think they’re all still made in Japan?), Sturm Panzer too. And even then, it’s not even THAT many yoyos that are over $150. All of the American, Chinese made bimetals cap out at $120 or $130, and the ones at that range are typically made with 7075 Aluminum as well, while the Beyond is made of 6061.

Tyler of UNPRLD himself said that the reason his bimetals cost as much as $120 in the first place is to support his team. His latest bimetals are made of 7075 too. And yes, the CLYW Igloo is a thing, but CLYW has always been known for being overpriced; no American company has ever really sold yoyos for more than CLYW does.

I know the Beyond is a signature yoyo and all, and because of the fancy bearing and ti axle, one could argue it makes sense that it costs a bit more than the UNPRLD stuff, but the UNPRLD bimetals are signatures as well, their runs are much smaller, they’re a much smaller company in general, AND they’re bimetals are made of 7075. I definitely think YYF could’ve kept the Beyond at $110 or $120, even if it meant not incorporating the ti axle, which is like I said, kind of unnecessary anyway. I would’ve rather they just made the body out of 7075 than use 6061 with a ti axle.

I’m also gonna have to agree with Geezer on the whole comparisons with the Edge. If the Edge wasn’t a bimetal, it’d be a different story, but the Beyond really is just an Edge with different rims, a fancier bearing, and a ti axle. No reason it should cost almost twice as much.

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What will its price be by itself, unbundled from the t-shirt and hardcase?


The t shirt and hardcase are supposed to be a bonus, free of charge. Those 2 things shouldn’t be a factor in the price of the yoyo, their just free things that come because you preordered rather than waiting for the actual release.


I was super stoked when I saw this YoYo for the first time. I was like, “Can’t wait till this thing drops! Love the huge rims! I’m gonna get one first thing!” Then I eventually saw the $150 price tag. I love yoyoing and Evan is my favorite player. I want to help support his career but unfortunately I just can’t bring myself to pay $150 for a YoYo. If this were in the $80-$100 dollar range, I would have gotten it without thinking. It looks like an amazing YoYo though!


You should be able to buy them used from the #buy-sell-trade for less :heavy_dollar_sign: in 3-6 months, I would presume. They’ll probably always cost more than an Edge though because of the construction and the perks (ti axle, fancy japanese bearing).


Anyone maybe can describe how the edge beyond plays? Also compared to previous edges?

(ClockMonsterLA) #31

Hear and see the comparison from the man himself:

(Ken) #32

It’s like a premium and bimetal wedge but smaller than the wedge.


Sorry to burst your bubble here my friend, but most of those are made in China as well. Chinese manufacturing and QC is excellent right now - Companies like YYR, Turning Point, Sengoku, AND Sturm Panzer would all agree since most of their yo-yos are machined there.

If it’s too expensive then you don’t have to buy it, I don’t encourage anyone to spend more than they can afford on yo-yos. Personally, I wouldn’t spend $150 on a yo-yo either, I have other priorities at the moment. BUT, that doesn’t mean companies cant set their prices higher than some choose to pay.

If no one buys them then YYF will get the message and adjust the price. With that said - Looking at how they are selling - It doesn’t look like too many people have a problem with the price. :man_shrugging:

No one is telling you how to compare the yo-yo lol. Of course you should compare the Edge Beyond to it’s predecessor. I like the Beyond way more than I expected to. It performs way different than I thought it would and overall feels better than the Edge IMO. If you get your hands on one I’d like to hear your thoughts.


No additional cost is really minuscule. Titanium axles are about 5X more expensive which adds to the overall cost. Mark that up for wholesale then retail and it makes a difference.

(Christopher Bailey) #35

So expensive! Wowza… And boring colors. Seems the regular edge is half the price is a much better option.


I kinda see your point as I am a solid-colors-hater for the most part :wink: but I do really like the white/black dip. There aren’t that many “hard fade” dips out there, I only have 1 other in my collection.

(Spinworthy Glen) #37

You can buy a titanium yoyo axle retail for about $6. A DS bearing also costs marginally more than a CT bearing. These extra costs really are minimal.


Just got my Edge Beyond! So sick. Love it!


$9.99 for 8mm

$11.99 for stainless steel


This may be abstract to a few of you but I will give you a parallel to consider.

Yoyo recreation has always made good playing yoyos. Almost every model they have ever produced; has been reasonably good or better…

Interestingly; with all the nice yoyos they already had ‘in active use’; once the Draupnir hit the ground running; things changed.
The Draupnir became an instant standout! It seemed to achieve almost immediate Benchmark status. The yoyo to compare to other YYR yoyos. And the high performance yoyo to put up against All other high performance yoyos.
…Hey Guys… I just got a New yoyo! Wow is it good. It is amazing! <> But is it as good as a Draupnir?
Draupnir… Draupnir… Draupnir. 200 plus bucks? Of course. It’s a Draupnir. It must cost a ton to make, right? And it plays so nice. How can you deny that it is not worth it? Sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and pay for that performance, right? I mean; it must be an engineering challenge, right? Aluminum body with metal rims, right?

Do I personally like the Draupnir? Indeed I do. It is a beautiful machine. And it seems they still sell for $200 and you would have a hard time finding a sad buyer.

Now we have the Edge Beyond. The Bi-metal Edge is a very good yoyo. No matter how many variations of the Edge that may ever be released; the Original bi-metal Edge will still be a good yoyo.

You guys comparing the OG Bi-metal Edge to the Edge Beyond are missing a few considerations. It’s kinda like comparing an old Corvette to a new Corvette. Trust me on this; the new Corvette is much improved. The Edge Beyond is the result of extensive testing and research. Hans and Ben decided to jump right in the middle of the Edge design and push the performance envelope with an intensity they have developed from literally years of identifying what does and doesn’t work in bringing out the Beast.

Evan brings the intensity to the stage and YYF provided the intensity to the drawing room. And the result is the Edge Beyond. The name is not for flair. The name is not by accident. The name defines the yoyos intent and purpose. It is… Awesome! It is not just good. The initial colorway selections are trumped by Performance.

The primary folks that are skeptical about: price/performance/value; would almost exclusively be composed of those who have not yet tried the Edge Beyond. Boy… are you in for a big surprise; hahaha.

I am not telling you it should cost $150. Just like I won’t suggest the Draupnir shouldn’t cost over $200. I would wish both of them cost less. That is just something we all; individually have to deal with according to our budgets. I wish Corvettes cost less, too. Call GM for me please😳

If nothing else; think of it this way. Yoyorecreation has the notable Draupnir. Pretty much a yoyo masterpiece.

Yoyofactory now has its own Draupnir. It’s called the Edge Beyond.

They should have just named it the New Corvette.

YYF just didn’t rush the Beyond out. They decided to release it after they decided they couldn’t make it any better.

I fully understand that regardless of how well it plays; every single spec might not be everybody’s favorite recipe. Maybe: width, diameter, weight, shape type, etc. there are any number of reasons somebody may not like a new yoyo. For those that can get over thinking(thinking?) it costs too much; they just have to throw one around for just several minutes.

Run to a mirror. Check out the smile that covers your entire face. And understand that some things run much deeper than the superficial remarks that are generated by those without sufficient knowledge to utter their unfounded remarks.

Some people go into a restaurant and look at the menu selections and then look at the price. Some people go in and look at the prices first and then see what food aligns with the price.

The great news is that there are dozens of yoyos at every price point that are excellent values. And you Never have to pay even $100 to get any one or even two of them.

But for those that can bounce at that price point; they will be pleased.

YYF put so much into this Beyond; I feel kinda bad for them to generate the Boo-birds for no justifiable reason.

Oh well…