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Okay, well, if YYF would like to lend me an Edge Beyond, I’d be more than happy give it a chance to overcome my reservations and change my mind. But that’s not going to happen, and I’ve exhausted my willingness to buy an expensive yoyo that I am skeptical about just to try it out and see if it “surprises” me.

(Note that I’m not skeptical that it is a great throw; I am only skeptical that it would be a comfortable, enjoyable throw for me.)


Ben talked about pricing in an Instagram live feed (idk what it’s called but I’m calling it a feed) the other day and apparently a lot of the price boiled down to covering the cost of the ones that didn’t make the cut. He said he wanted them all as perfect as possible
Edit- that might have been mentioned already. Not gonna lie, I just kinda skimmed posts

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I’ve found the axles cheaper than that.


$onehundred and fifty


I’m so glad we have the k edge at $45.

Amazing value.

Everyone can rejoice!


I kind of feel like YYF is being chastised for the price of this yoyo, because they have over and aver again done exactly that! Now they do something a bit off the beaten path for them, and everybody jumps on their case for price gouging, because it goes against peoples perception of them. Really should be opposite, if you think about it.

YoyoGeezer, I’ve gotten the impression that you have had no problem paying premium prices for YYR yoyos for example.

I also think that the inclusion of premium axle and bearing, can add up to something more than the sum of it’s parts. I have a couple of Ti yoyos from one maker, and I love them, but was a bit surprised, and a bit disappointed to discover that they came with 8-Ball Center Tracks in them. Even if I couldn’t tell the difference at my level, I still would think that when paying $200-$300 for a yoyo, it should have premium parts. I think I’ll have to try out something nicer in them. Again, I’m not so great a player, but Evan certainly thought it made a big difference.

I’d also like to add my opinion about the colors. The colors are simple, but I think the yoyo looks elegant and beautiful. It’s pretty typical to start with a run of simple colors…


Yeah I was kinda thinking this but couldn’t figure out a way to articulate it. Going back to the IG thing (it wasn’t all about this yoyo), it was only a few words but I felt like it put the manufacturing of the yoyo into perspective a little better. That’s actually what brought it up there, a knock on the price

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Yeah, it looks great! I’m interested in that one.
I’m also really interested in the Edge Beyond. It lools like an unbelievably good yoyo.


Yeee! You can’t go wrong. Im excited that Evan’s got such a good line up of yoyos, and everyone can be stoked. Can’t go wrong for any price range.


:heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Show off your current wallpaper.

Is that a render? It looks too perfect to be a picture. Really pretty either way.


Oh it’s a picture alright, just from a really talented and handsome photographer. :smirk:


That is totally crazy. I must have amnesia; because I don’t remember taking that picture. :hugs:


That picture is beautiful… :heart_eyes:

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It’s great that you’re hyped @Scottyperlz! I’m not the first to ever state this, but if you can afford any super awesome new yoyo in your desired color/splash/face, and it will satisfy your itch for a new shiny toy – get it , it’s your money!!!

I’m lucky to have some disposable income that I can buy Kitty Strings and plastic yoyos, metal yoyos, AND sometimes yoyos with two types of metals :astonished:! Reminds me to disconnect from all the electronics in our lives (as I type this on a custom-built PC with mechanical keys on a 24” monitor…. :nerd_face: ) and enjoy the simple things that life has to offer.

I also think it’s great for this amazing community to have conflicting opinions and have a healthy debate, because it gives these toys we’re all obsessed with more meaning. If no one cared about the latest pre-order or shape of the next World Champion’s yoyo, would we all still be here?

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Ok so I’ve had the edge beyond for almost a week now and I must say it’s feels very different…when I throw it I get the Sense that it’s not that powerful…till I start doing my tricks and I realize this thing is hauling ass… it’s very fast very stable…I mean everything you would expect from a yo-yo in the 150$ price range…I can understand everyone’s concern about it being expensive…but honestly with any hobbie, car, suit, or anything g if you want high quality and the best your gonna have to pay extra I wish the yo-yo was cheaper so I can bring it outside and to other places with out worrying about scuffing it…other then that it’s also to support a good cause professional Yo-yoers need money also and I for one want to see yo-yoing get popular again…I live in Staten island New York and there’s an extremely bad heroin problem here and yo-yoing to me was a way out…looking forward to things like a premium yo-yo and having the money for it is a beautiful thing…the hype is reAl support my man Evan Nagao and buy his yo-yo if you can…you won’t regret it!!! And if you can’t afford it then I hope I’m the future the price drops so everyone can enjoy it!!! Have a good day everyone!!

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Well, compared to high performance yoyos from YYR the Edge Beyond is a steal. You could put $150 into an Edge Beyond or $215 into a YYR Onslaught. Would you really be getting “$65 more performance/quality” from the Onslaught? :thinking:


Yes, a true masterpiece


To me, this plays kinda like what I thought it would … a bimetal Kuntosh

It is a tad smaller in diameter than the Kuntosh; about the same in width. And because it has the titanium axle and no side effects system (obviously) it has significantly less center weight.

Overall I expected to like it a lot, because I love the Kuntosh, and I ended up liking it even more than I thought I would! So essentially the Beyond is Kuntosh Exxxxxxtreeeeeeeeme, with all the weight on the rims :rofl:

I recommend the Edge Beyond, you get a lot for your $150 in my book :+1:

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HayMaker X is a good example.