Edge beyond


I have often engaged in that sort of speculation. What I realized, however, was that this extra performance is what it is really about. All others can make this value argument. The best; does not need to.

If it were really about $65; why didn’t YYF make one as good as YYR and charge the extra $$? Because they can’t.


What do you mean by they “can’t”? The brand can’t command the price? They can’t control the quality? Serious question


I meant that if YYF could design better yo-yo’s than YYR; they probably would.

While there are many fine YYF models; to my knowlege, YYF has not made anything as good as the Draupnir or Sleipnir as examples. The only thing close is the Dream; which is Titanium; and costs $200.

(Brian Datz) #64

I mean, that’s not really YYF’s business model. They’ve got a wide assortment of throws, and most of them are really approachable (in terms of $$), which in turn reaches more people. This is sort of trying to hit that botique crowd I think. It’s a step in a slightly different direction for them. Personally, I really would like to pick up an Edge Beyond and can afford it, but still feel that it’s a little overpriced. I’m waiting for it to get closer to ~$120, which is where I feel it would be a buy for me.


I preordered the Edge Beyond and gave my initial thoughts on it. I like it a lot, but it is a bimetal Kuntosh.
Check the video

Monster Edge
(Scotty P) #66

LIdk I must say that Onslaught looks super dope i deff want to buy that next and the specs are just in my sweet spot and it’s just looks dope…kind of looks like a rappers car rims lolol


Edge Beyond 2 coming, the Monster Edge Beyond (check yyf insta!)


So basically a mono metal Beyond.

(Spinworthy Glen) #69

Just looking at the Edge Beyond from a design perspective, it’s a pretty incredible feat.

To make a yoyo that wide with so much weight pushed out to the edge and keep it smooth is real design genius.

(Joseph) #70

The edge beyond is pretty neat, but I think the blizzard would fit my style a little bit better

(Joseph) #71

(Scotty P) #72

I would trade my edge beyond for a brand new out the box blizzard

(Joseph) #73

@Scottyperlz Finally someone agrees!

(Scotty P) #74

I’ve wanted a blizzard for a while everyone that has one ant tryina give it up

(Ken) #75

Never tried one but I want the Black Grey fade colorway.

(Alexander) #77

The Edge Beyond is amazing! I just got mine from @gysbert. It feels very, very powerful, and yet floaty at the same time. I will definitely have a hard time removing this from my hand.

It feels a little tight when taking it apart, but I’m assuming that’s because of the titanium axle. Has anyone else have that happen, or is it something I should be worried about?


Here we are in a new year. Edge Beyond is still the same price, there are no plans to change it, make it more budget friendly or reduce it or dilute it in any way. Its a beast.

It has been a great success at retail with some loyal fans owning multiples. It has renewed our enthusiasm to participate in an ultra high end market.

Happy New Year


It has become a legend in yoyo.

(Victorian YoYos) #80

The yo-yo is worth the price in my humble opinion

(Rock Shouse) #81

But dam that CLYW Blizzard looks so sweet and so floaty…still have mint out of the box Andrew Maider Blizzard that’s killer! Yeah… it is as good as the Edge Beyond!