Is anyone interested in hydrographed yo-yos?

[color=red][/color]Hey everyone, many of you know me for my anodizing services but now I have teamed up with my brother to bring to you hydrographing! Its a process that can “paint” custom designs onto your yo-yo (or anything you want really) and the effect is stunning! here are some pictures! shoot me a PM or reply if you aren interested, tell your friends, family and everyone! Still trying to figure out how to make truly custom designs. Also doing lots more testing on what finishes this film will bond to, but i just thought id let you know whats up and see if anyones interested! Ill update you all when that happens. This is a really cool process. Here is a huge list of possible designs for you guys to look through

ohhhh, that looks cool, and what were your prices for anodizing?

Checked into this myself a ways back. Was interesting enough but I was worried about the durability of it. What’s it like?

Also seemed limited in what you could get otc. Since you do ano I’m assuming you picked this up at the same site as they look very familiar.

i have discovered that this finish is fairly durable with a clearcoat on top of it, but obviously, like an anodize (one of the hardest materials known to man) it wouldnt stand up to a nice smack on cement or in my case, a metal bed frame, haha, and actually there are many many many designs possible, here is a link!

Ooooh :). Nice! Maybe a Yoyoexpert one with the symbol all over.

Is this sort of what Mad House did with the Rad and Yomega did with the Glide?

You mean the Plad design?

Among others, yes.

Madhouse used a different method.

As for Yomega, it APPEARS to be the same process. Not entirely sure, but it seems like it is.

yes! i believe that this is the same process, not really sure if im allowed to do a Yoyoexpert design though, copyright issues might come into play? Maybe Andre will read this and clarify, i really dont want to infringe on Yoyoexpert if he does not wish for me to.

I forgot to ad, you have to get permission. Since it is the symbol, which is like advertising, I’m sure he would allow.

Doubt Andre will be mad about it, he’s pretty cool with this kind of stuff.

He is the best, as far as kindness and generous ness goes.

Plus it’s like free advertising.

Definitely ask for his permission, but I can’t imagine him saying no.


I could only see him having an issue with it if there was a chance someone would use the YYE logo as leverage in a sale/resale scenario.

Forgetting about the YYE logo thing for a moment, I like the service in general! I would think that the application would also go a ways to smooth out scuffing and dings. It wouldn’t “fill in” a major ding, but it would smooth out the edges.

Any concerns about the extra weight affecting play? I would imagine an estimate (each yoyo will be different) of the additional weight would be appreciated by consumers, too.

This has been done by duncan, yoyojam, etc… it lasts ok.

I never liked the feel of the coating though.


What yoyos?

I know YYJ did them on the Dark Magic, Xcon, Hitman, Lyn Fury. They “camo” ones they did were hydrographed

yomagic is correct on the yyj’s. They did camo, american flags, etc… all pretty horrendously ugly… but that more to do with their pattern choices than the coating.

duncan did it with the ‘veritgo’ freehands which looked great

I’ve seen it on other yoyos from other companies as well, but I can’t think of which ones off the top of my head…