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Welcome back!!!


G’day everyone! I am 13, with great passion for yoyoing. I just started “pro” yoyoing 2 days ago, with my YYF arrow. I use the yotricks app to learn tricks, cuz their level up system seems like a really good way to know what to learn next! For the past two days, I’ve literally spent the whole day yoyoing, and I’m pretty much already done with level 1 of the first 50 tricks from the app (well besides looping intro, flips, and pinwheel, hehe ^^). I’m looking forward to meeting all of you!

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Welcome to the forums. This is a great place to find answers to yoyo questions!


Welcome bro! Sounds like you’re doing well on your progression, hope you enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forums! That’s great progress! Continue on and you’ll be a pro in no time!


Hey everyone. I’m Jeff. Been reading here a while and finally decided to join. I starting yoyoing as a teenager but got away from it for 20 years. My 10yo son saw an old yoyo i had so i did a few tricks for him and his mind was blown lol (pretty basic tricks really). Since then we have both gotten into yoyoing and are working our way through the tutorials here and just recently started in the advanced tricks section here. I’m currently working on Boing-E-Boing, Plastic Whip and Trapeze Slack and my son is working on Trapeze variations mostly. We both are loving he Speedaholc XX yoyo so much that we currently have 5 of them in different colors. Just recently started using metal throws occasionally but so far always come back to the XX. We are enjoying learning more about yoyoing and admiring different yoyos. Also, more recently my daughter has show some interest ans has learned her first few tricks with a responsive throw (Arrow Elite). Loving that we all have this interest!


Welcome back to Yo! It’s awesome that you and your son can enjoy the hobby together!


Welcome to the forums! It’s awesome that you can share your newfound love of yoyos with your kids! The Speedaholic XX is really a beast.

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Hey, my name is Jing Kai, (or 靖凯 in simplified chinese) and I come from the tiny dot known as Singapore. I’ve been a longtime lurker on this forum ever since I found out about this hobby by finding out about OD through the terraria collab with one drop for update 1.3 about a few years ago, and only now have I decided to create an account and post here. From what I’ve seen, this community is surprisingly friendly compared to more widespread ones, and I hope to be a part of it too!


welcome man! terraria’s done work in bringing new people in the community. OD is a great choice of yoyo company to work with since they have a broad spectrum of yoyos to try for all types of players. hope you enjoy the hobby and the community!


Welcome to the forums! I’m glad to see another Singaporean here!


Welcome, glad to have you. I did the same as you, lurked for years and realized this is the best community out there and had to join in. Enjoy your stay!

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