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Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome back, @YotaroKuyo


Yo I was pretty active on Recently moved and found a couple of my Old Throws.
Remembering all the peeps on the forums. Wondering if any of them still around. LukeVader, JHB, Ricks, Crackout…


Welcome to the forums. What are you throwing these days?

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First Run Pyro #63 Vadered FHZ, GS2 - GS1 Looking for a Good and Evil Or a YoYoJam Dark Magic or Spinfaktor




Hey guys I’m new here. I’m 40 and started throwing about 6 years ago and got up to Kwijibo and then just kind of fizzled. I picked it back up about 4 months go and started growing my collection as I’ve improved. I’ve just gotten to the point of landing Spirit Bomb consistently and working on the Hook next. Really struggling to see how I go from learning these individual tricks to flowing like all these awesome people I see on youtube and instagram. I’m loving it and don’t see myself giving it up again. Nice to meet all of you.

My beginner collection for anyone interested.

YYF Shutter
YYF Shutter Wide
iYoyo Iceberg
OD VTwo (favorite so far)
OD Overture
OD Sugar Glider
OD Free Solo
Golden Hour Ridgeline (on the way)


Welcome to the forums. You’re definitely throwing a lot of great yoyos.


Hello all. My name is Lucas Wood and I started yoyoing when I was 14 and put it down a few years ago and just now getting back into it strongly, still got all my old yoyos, some I even traded and bought in these forums. I love collecting, trading and trying new yoyos. My favorite yoyo is the Atlas and I’ve been throwing it lately, can’t wait to get better with it and see what other throwers are trying and working on.


Welcome to the forums!

Welcome, @dlowry81, @YOYOBOUNTY, and @ZeroKool!



Well yeah,
my name is Samir, a Physics student from Germany/Morocco.
i started yoyoing around 14 years ago ( 2007) and was kidna active in the yoyo community. starting 2015 or 16 i kinda started to be inactive due to my studies but i never stopped yoyoing.
some of you who knew kingyostar, BreakbeatYo or Arabyoyo might know me ( or not xD) , i used to make some yoyo videos including reviews, tutorials and promotional videos . so now i am back being a bit active again and i hope my activities might increase in future.
Some of my favourite yoyo companies are : onedrop, c3 and a few others. but currently i am little onedrop fanboii (screams like a fangirl ) and i currently play with my sugarglider and code1 ( amazing throws).
since i am a bit of an oldschool player i need to catch up again with the current meta of yoyoing and see all the new talents that are poping off in the community.

i hope i can make some new good yoyo friends around the world.
hit me up on facebook ( Samir Elotmani )

so thats my part of an introduction. see ya around guys/girls



Hi, my name is Derick. Born in the USA I’ve been in yoyoing for a little over a year now and it’s currently another one of my side hobbies. I started throwing at 2019 World Scout Jamboree at the Duncan booth and I was hooked. Started with a 2012 style red barracuda and then got a windrunner the very next day. I’m trying to learn new things in my free time but school is busy at the moment. I learned my first tricks with Chris Chunn and others while at WSJ and had an amazing time.
I found out about Yoyo Expert through their tutorials on Youtube and soon found they had an online store. After that I got myself my first Bimetal, an orbital GTX. After that I got a GTR beta and had a ball with that. Lets just say I like my Duncan’s.
Current: Barracuda, Windrunner, Orbital GTX, GTR beta