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Hi I’m Damien and I’m 30 years young. I threw when I was in my teens on a yomega raider and always wanted a butterfly style yoyo but couldn’t repair that one more less get another yoyo. But now I’m older and decided to try again and got into the groove of things by buying a magic yoyo V3 and absolutely loved the choice and quickly went to unresponsive and then cut part of a finger off. But now I’m back once again and learning lol. my favorite yoyo is the magic yoyo carpfin.I just started the third page of first 50 tricks and learned cold fusion. My favorite trick that I can do is the gyroscopic flop.


Hello, I was looking through the Museum of Yo-Yo History online today but their News page latest entry was 2014! Does anyone here know if they are still going or is the site defunct? Anyway, I decided to look around online for Yo-Yo sites, and… tada! Here I am!


Hello everyone, my name is Austin and I’m a thrower from the Pittsburgh area. Iv’e been throwing off and on for around 8 years now. I thought the forums look like a great place to meet and chat with other yoyo players. At no fault of the community, I have found it hard to really break through my social awkwardness at clubs or contests and make some yoyo pals. I am looking to start using the forums and my instagram more to interact with everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself and I look forward to diving into the community more!


Haha, KwyjiBRO, I like that one :yum:

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Haha thanks man. I always wanted to come up with a trick and name it that.


Hello! My name is Anthony. I’ve been throwing for 4 years. My favorite yo-yos are the YYF Monster Edge, Sturm Panzer Stone River Sky, and my all time favorite the YYJ Dark Magic 1! If anyone is wondering why i like the DM1 over the DM2 its because the DM1 is heaver, the response is perfect for my style and it was my first YYJ yoyo. my style is a mix of old school and some new school tricks. my favorite tricks our Grind Though Triangle, Hourglass, and Trapeze whip or (Hidemasa hook). I found out about YoyoExpert 3 years ago when I really got into throwing. My favorite yoyo yoyo string is Kitty String Fat, and YYE slick six string. My all time favorite yoyo players are Andre Boulay, Evan Nagao, and Sora Ishikawa. I’m currently looking for an YYF 888, YYJ Dark Magic 1, and a Duncan Freehand MG. I’m very happy to be part of the yoyo community! thanks for taking the time to read this!
Happy Throwing!!!, Anthony


Hello my name is Joaquin Tejero, I´ve yoyoing since 2003 but had a big hiatus from 2008 to 2019. A lot was going on during those years. With today’s yoyos I am mastering tricks I never thought I would be capable of. I´m located in Madrid (Spain) not a huge community here for yoyoing, but nationals are strong and keep going :).


Whats up, I throw for fun. I recently just got back into it after a 5 year break!

Now I’m trying to make a post on BST but looks like I can’t. Anyone know what I need to do before I can make posts?


Sean here, I started on a Yomega brain in ‘05. I learned from the Yomega site and Duncan mini dvd until I found yoyoexpert. I ended up learning most of the the tricks on the site and hit a wall. That mixed with work and no one to throw with put me on a long break until this year. A coworker mentioned that he had a Yoyo and that he was very good. He said he could walk the dog any everything, so I told him I’d bring in one of mine and show him some things. Now he’s hooked and I’m back into regularly throwing. I guess I’ll hang out here since yoyonation appears to be gone.


Welcome back!


I remember those mini DVDs! That brings me back, welcome dude. :grinning:

I’m from Spain too!

I still have one in my Yoyo case haha