Introduce Yourself!

Hi , my name is Chris . I am about three weeks into yo-yo culture. I am already a primadonna. I am also into powerlifting. 29 years old.

So far I’ve pretty much learned most of the intermediate tricks on the trick tutorials on this website . Working on cleaning them up . Don’t always have the cleanest returns to my hand.

Anyway hi,


That was Miri Kim, she took 2nd in that division.



Thank you kindly. That’s the one. I have respect for anyone that gets up there to compete, but she was definitely the stand out. Second place!
Nice work, young lady.


Hey! I’m zane I’m only 11 and have recently gotten really into yoyoing my fav Yoyo is the N12 cos it’s my only metal unresponsive Yoyo I’ve dinged it once still plays fine but has a dent I was quite upset but oh well… I’m really exited to join everyone in this great world of the Yoyo!


Yo nice to meat a fellow 12/11 year old!




how long have you been yoyoing for its been a year for me


I started throwing recently this year! I stoped cos my string broke and I was too lazy to get another. I was using The Yomega Brain Yoyo. Just last week I got the N12 in the mail. I was sooooooo happy! I became obsessed and practiced at recess and lunch. Sadly the next day I dinged it so I stopped playing on cobblestones


Welcome to the forums! Don’t worry about the dings… over time you’ll learn that your oldest, most dinged yoyos will become the ones you care about the most. I would trade most yoyos in my collection for my first unresponsive yoyo, a YoYoFactory 888 that I dinged up and traded away (sadly).


Wow… thanks for opening my eyes bro


dings are something that just happen I got a yoyofactory horizon ultra as my first good metal throw and the next day I dinged it but not once not twice but tree times it Realy sucked but it happens

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Wow, my first completely unresponsive (needing a backspin bind) was an OG 888. I miss it.


when I got into yoyoing I sickped the whole resposives thing and got right into unresposives play with a magic yoyo n11


A late introduction but new to throwing, started June this year and have more yoyos than tricks i know right now, lol. 31y female, I just love throwing and am really happy to have found how much yoyoing has grown since I was little.


Welcome @Kaji. You are not alone, I think quite a few of us have more throws than tricks.


Hello all,

Been reading through the forums for a little while and finally decided to join.

I have been yo-yoing off and on since 1998/99 and been part of a couple of the different online communities as they came and went. I took a few breaks now and then when things started getting busy in my life, but I never quite put the yo-yo down for long.

I was most active back during my undergrad years when I joined on theyo forum (I used to go by the sn Whitecaptain) and still remember quite a few people from there. I used to serve as a mod for a little while before my studies started taking over my life in the last few years. I left the online community in about 2008 to focus on my last couple of courses before I began my career. Seems like some of the people from theyo moved over to here and are still active in the community, which is very refreshing to see.

Since then I have not really been on the yo-yo scene much up until about 2 years ago when I was looking through my old collection again and decided to try seeing what the community has been up to since. I came across an ad for Yoyoexpert and picked up some B-grades for fun to get back into the hobby. It’s amazing how much yo-yos have changed since!

Sorry if this brief story got a bit long-winded. Looking forward to chatting with you all and helping out wherever I can. :smile:




I think regular unforgiving yoyos do a pretty good job of that already. With a bunch of modern yoyos, you can do quite a bit with poor technique, but more unforgiving yoyos force you to clean up your act.


Hi guys! im Ethan from Longview WA. i picked up a yoyo for the first time last year after being recommended the first base by a friend, and have been slowly picking it up since. recently ive upgraded to a quail and overture which have been amazing and all of you guys have been awesome with helping people like me learn.


welcome to the yye forums I think you will find this forum really useful