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Thanks. Looking forward to the journey.


Hold on, how?


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Like he said. ^^

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Are you still throwing and in Salem? Because I am in Salem and I try to do a monthly yoyo in the park meet up. This post is old though so you probably won’t see this, but I thought I’d try.

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My name online is hydrona. I’m a decent yoyo player . I live in Belgium, and am 25 years old. After some months , I decided to pick up My wooden spin tops again. They are both very great to play with!
Favorite trick? Curently, That would be the plastic whip! I felt so happy when I figured it out how to do it. It’s also my favorite trick to show People who don’t yoyo. They always look amazed!
Found this forum when searching for a good yoyo/spin top forum i could join.

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What part of Massachusetts are you in? We have yoyo classes and club meet ups in the western part of the state! :blush: