Introduce Yourself!


Southeastern, about 20 minutes from Providence. I’d love to take a trip out to the store and I’ve been debating on dragging my wife to Mass States. I’m about 1.5-2 hours away, which isn’t that bad.


(Jim Honaker) #6226

Your very close to me, Norton MA. I took my wife and 2 of my kids this past year to MA States. She was not very interested, until I took her. Now she understands it a bit more and is more supportive. Not interested in throwing at all, but at least supporting me more. But I think she might just have a crush on Graeme.


(Sergio) #6227

Yeah, my wife was crushing on Graeme too. I’m from Somerset and went in October to MA states, it was fun. I really liked the food at Riff’s. I will definitely be going again this year.


(Jared ) #6228

My name is Jared. I’m a photographer and a graphic designer.

I’m new to the forum and to yoyo’s. It’s not that I’ve never owned a yoyo, it’s just that all the ones I owned were dangerous. I really like yoyo’s because of my grandfather. When I was young my grandmother would babysit me after school. I remember my grandfather pulling out a yoyo every so often and doing what at the time were the most amazing tricks I’d ever seen. Even with my worst yoyo’s he could at least walk the dog. Now at 70 I’m sure he can still show me a thing or two with a responsive yoyo. My family jokes, “You know you wouldn’t be playing with that yoyo if we were at Nanny’s. Paposito would have already taken it from you!”

He grew up on the ranch having to teach himself. I however, happily accepted the help from Yoyoexpert! After I got my first bearing yoyo (Duncan Pro Z) I was hooked. I discovered the Yoyoexpert YouTube channel and it helped me develop my first tricks. I sold some pocket knives and bought my first three “real yoyo’s” (YYJ Surge, YYF DV888 and OD Benchmark O) and gave my little sister my Duncan.

It has been a super fun journey so far, bruised knuckles and all. Thank you all for being so inviting!


({John15}) #6229

Welcome Jared! Glad to hear you caught the bug! Even more stoked to see you here, I hope you stick around :slightly_smiling_face:



Hello all! I go by Venus online, I came here from r/throwers. I am currently in high school (16), and bought my first real yoyos earlier today! So far I have the Protostar and Spinstar in the mail, and one of my school friends has an old butterfly that they plan to give to me as a (surprise) present. I hope to get better and interact with a lot of you!


({John15}) #6231

Welcome! The learning curve can be pretty frustrating, but once you get some basics down it’ll get easier.



What learning curve??:yum:


(Nathan) #6233

I’m sixteen too! enjoy the learning curve and learn as many tricks as you can!



Hi I’m Stephanie and I’m a yoyo hobbyist. I am on other forms of social media, but really starting to get into the forums here now. I have been throwing for about 5 years, but really got more into it in '15. I am an intermediate player. The hardest trick I know is candy rain and I am lvl 42 on the Level Up system. I am an Ancient player (so deemed by the recent Clash of the Ancients contest). I have about 70 yoyos, but I have been fortunate to find lots of good deals, have won a few random freebies, and I worked for yoyos doing some editing for YoYo Sam. In other words I don’t spend a whole lot and rarely buy new.
I enjoy many aspects of yoyoing including making string and display cases. But mostly the community. I also started a traveling mystery box through Facebook called #ThrowitForward.
I originally found yoyoexpet as my go to for trick tutorials and ordered my first real you from them a YYF One.
You can find me on IG!
Also, I live in Alabama (wish I didn’t) with no local throwers.


(Anthony Greer) #6235

Hi there. I have been in the yo-yo game since 1999 so this is my twentieth year yo-yoing. Although I not new to yo-yoing but this is my first time on this forum. My main style is Single-A but I enjoy 5a from time to time. I have about 100 different yo-yos ranging from Yomega, Buzz-on, Duncan, Yo-yoJam to the current ones such as SF and Unspoken. I’m from Georgia. In my twenty years in the community, I have earned 2 GA state championships, top 3 in regionals and top 3 one year at N.C states. Yo-yoing is something a truly love and has done a great deal in my life and it a pleasure to share that gift with others.



Awesome, welcome! If you’ve been throwing since 1999 you are an O.G.!


(Anthony Greer) #6237

Most Definitely!



Hello all, long time lurker here(since yoyo nation) but im trying to get out of that phase. My name is shannon, 25 years old.Been throwing since middle school but stopped, picked up the hobby again after high school when i had money to buy higher end throws. stopped again since i worked full time.Found it more fun to trade and collect, but slowly…very slowly learning more advandced tricks…
What i love about our little niche community is that, everybody is polite and willing to help each other out. ya kow mutual respect something you don’t see a lot of down in south florida.(not a lot of thrower down here either.) But once you do show that one cool trick you can inspire another .

Now about to join the coast guard.i want to get back in to the hobby again so i have something to do if i get shipped out on cutters. so like the toy i’ve had my ups and downs. so hopefully i’ll get to be part of this community even after shipping out after basics.


(Choncworth) #6239

Welcome aboard future puddle jumper, from a semi salty jarhead.



Welcome @Ant.G! We are having a yo meet up this weekend in Atlanta. Hit me or @Myk_Myk up if your interested. We’d be honored to have a GA champ in attendance.


(Anthony Greer) #6241

Awesome. I plan on coming through this weekend. Michael Cady told me about the meet up this Sunday.



Great, can’t wait to see you again, Ant!


(Taylor Houston) #6243

Hey Im Taylor. I had an account here under the username sstaylor.

I am looking to sell some of my stuff.

Ive been yoyoing for like 6 or 7 years now :smiley:



Welcome back! Did you want to merge your old and new accounts? Let me know, I can help, I’m the forum janitor!