Introduce Yourself!

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I was nice once, just once, moved to uncivilized discourser! :smiling_imp:


A 2007 ZZR600, basically an older rebadged zx6r, pretty bare bones bike but I love it :smiley:
[EDIT] Just had to add although I ride a sport bike I’m not a sport bike snob, I’ve ridden cruisers and upright half faired bikes, I have love for all forms of motorcycle, I do not discriminate.


Haha yeah I already read through that dv888 thread, I have to admit it was a little entertaining lol :grin:


Yep… I was on the side which thought the DV888 was good. I still am, for that matter…

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Ok so I guess introductions are in order hello everybody my name is Chris. I’m 37 I started throwing yoyos about 10 months ago, I am completely addicted, I started the old way, some people say the proper way idk, but I started with nothing but responsive yo-yos at first learned how to throw again cuz I did have a Duncan butterfly when I was like in 11th grade but that was like 1998 LOL anyway so I started with responsive playing and got the basics down and you know I guess I moved onto unresponsive maybe 3 months ago I can see why a lot of people skip the responsive and go right unresponsive because you know how many times I’ve cut myself from smacking the yoyo my face or almost knocking my teeth out flowing through my window or TV hahaha, other than that, I’ve been playing guitar for 22 years I was in for bands biggest accomplishment with that was playing the Trocadero in Philadelphia for a battle of the bands for WMMR and the winner was going to open for Coldplay I’m not a big fan of Coldplay on my fan of playing in front of 80,000 people but we didn’t even come close to winning good memories tho, it seems like everyone is very chill, respectful, I’m here to learn, communicate, trade secrets lol idk what else to say, thanks you for welcoming me in!! Here’s to 2019!!#yoyoerforlifenow

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Glad you’re hear. The Troc? You live in Philly? I live 2.15 hours north in the Poconos. I used to listen to WMMR in the 80’s.

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Actually in South South Jersey, 15 from the stadium’s