Introduce Yourself!


This guy only throws bimetals though :wink:

({John15}) #6177

Exclusively bimetals. I’m kind of an elitist


I try everything


Well obviously because bimetals perform better. That’s just, like, science.


Hey there welcome back! What was your name on YYN? And Chris Chunn still throws as far as I know, I haven’t seen him post here in a long time though.


Go and put that in the unpopular opinions. Do it. :upside_down_face:

(Tyler) #6182

He does indeed! He just recently got sponsored by Duncan, though I also have not seen him on the forums.

(SpinSlow) #6183

I can’t recall. I think my old name on here was like green eggs n Sam. Or idea. I remember you vegabomb.

(SpinSlow) #6184

I mentioned Chris because back in like 2013 I taught him how to do a suicide by posting a video to help him. Anyone know why I can’t find yoyoexpert on Tapatalk? It used to be on there.


The new forum software isn’t compatible with tapatalk. Honestly it doesn’t need it. The new software is great on mobile.


Hello! I’m Bob and I used to play a board game called Go a lot back in college. I’m in Massachusetts and I’ve been throwing on and off for basically my whole life, but super casually. I got actually into throwing about six years ago when my wife got a crappy swag yo-yo from some work event. It reminded me of the 90s boom(I still have my Hyper Raider) and I wound up grabbing a Duncan Pulse at TRU soon after. Some quick Googling brought me here and showed me a whole new world. I was into it for a solid year and a half, before getting re-introduced to Gunpla and my throws spent a solid three years in a drawer in my desk while I put together model kits.

I recently started losing interest in model kits and “found” my drawer again. I’ve been at it for the last four months and having a lot of fun. I like modern unresponsive and fixed axle, with my Deep State(s) acting as a nice in-between. I definitely wouldn’t consider myself a great player, but I have fun. I don’t know anyone locally who throws, so I’m trying to force myself to contribute to the online community. I’ve lurked on this board for long enough, so I might as well register an account and actually say hi.

(ChrisFrancz) #6187

Welcome aboard the Crazy Train. We are here for you!

(William Dixon) #6188

Greetings all. I am a Pastor in Tucson, Az. I am in search of a Yo-Yo Expert that is a Christian that can come to my church and do a demonstration to my youth this Saturday Jan 5th. Phoenix or Tucson area is preferred. Why don’t you consider using your skills for Advancing the Kingdom of God this year. You can start this week.


Hi all,
I’m Johnny from the UK and you could say I’m a late starter to throwing at the age of 45.
I have been throwing for about a month and I am working my way through the yoyoexpert trick list.

(ChrisFrancz) #6190

Hello from Pennsylvania in the USA! I’m 52 and I have fun throwing every day. Not too advanced yet, just working on my front style.


Hello from southern California! I’m 30 and just got back into throwing although I never really stopped entirely but at the end of my teenage years life threw some gnarly curve balls and I kinda stopped learning anything new and pretty soon life’s responsibilities took priority, but his past year I made the decision to challenge myself to learn at least one new trick which turned out to be Ann Connolly’s Gentrified which might be easy for most but I was super stoked to land it, then that was it I immediately started buying new throws from yoyo expert.

I’m not big into forums given that most nowadays consists of just disagreements and hurling insults, but I like what I see here and look forward to some interesting reads. If anyone remembers the now gone Dave’s skilltoys site, that was the last time I was active in a forum just to give an idea.

I don’t consider myself to be that great, probably more of an intermediate level but I’m having a lot of fun learning new tricks. My goals for 2019 are pretty much to challenge myself to learn new tricks and exploring more roads I haven’t ridden yet on my Kawasaki :grin:. Wow this is waylonger than I meant time to cut it, peace! :call_me_hand:

(Jim Honaker) #6192

Nice to meet ya. What kind of Kawasaki?

({John15}) #6193

You wanna fight bro? Haha, just kidding. Welcome!

It’s kind of long, but this article is a pretty interesting read.

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Yeah, I’m the only uncivilized discourser here. They let me stay because I’m mostly quiet.

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People here are pretty nice without many clashes unless you bring up the DV888. Welcome back to throwing! Glad you joined us.