Introduce Yourself!

(Quentin Chapman ) #6113

My daughter has a YYF Replay and both of my boys have a YYF one

(ChrisFrancz) #6114

That’s good. I got that trick book with a Duncan Imperial and I was so lost.

(Quentin Chapman ) #6115

I got the book with a Duncan pro z I got from Walmart.

(ChrisFrancz) #6116

Don’t let the kids take it apart without you there…all the pieces! Oh, the pieces!

(Quentin Chapman ) #6117

:joy:hahaha i heard that!!!

(Mk1 Yoyos) #6118

This sounds like a lot of fun! My oldest is 5 and she has a small yoyo collection (pulse and first base) but she’s a little small to yoyo well. It’s hard when you’re super tiny and need to use a really short string! Doesn’t give much room for error!

(Quentin Chapman ) #6119

I hear you, my youngest son is 6 and he struggles, I made the mistake of cutting his Yoyo string to what I thought would be his length, and it made it pretty much unusable, now I keep his strings longer and he plays off the side of the stairs or the couch.


Ah, yeah… that’s why it erupted the first time, losing an axle… good now though

(Tyler) #6121

Hello. My name is Tyler. I’m currently using an Avant Garde I got back in 2011. I have been yoyoing with year long breaks every now and then since 2006. And this yoyo is the only remaining one of my collection. Looking to get a newer wheel here soon tho. This is my longest break since ive been back and i see yoyoing so differently now. It’s been a blast and am looking forward to yoyoing for a long while again :slight_smile: been working on some fancy new tech stuff I learned that came from Kierian Cooper and Takeshi Matsurda. I’m awful at spelling and probably those names are unrecognizable. Sorry.

(Keyshawn Yazzie) #6122

Hey… lol first timer here. My name is Keyshawn but everyone calls me Keychainz or HouseKeys. I’ve been yoyoing for about 5years now, and yeah one of my favorite yo-yos is the Clyw Compass. I kinda found out about yoyoexpert by accident. So… yeah

({John15}) #6123

Howdy! Welcome!

Oh, and how have you been yoyoing for 5 years, and just found YYE by accident? Lol

(Keyshawn Yazzie) #6124

Well I started around 2013 like off and on for yoyoing, and I wanted to order a yoyo one day so I just typed “yoyo” and yoyoexpert was like the first result lol

({John15}) #6125

Oh, nice. So, did you order a yoyo?

(Keyshawn Yazzie) #6126

Yeah I got the yeti

(ChrisFrancz) #6127

Welcome to the forum. I’m from Pennsylvania.

(Ettore Ferro) #6128

Hi, I’m Ettore and I was a modder.
Have a nice day


Was a modder?


Wait a second are you the Bist???


Uh, I put ‘Was’ in italics, not ‘modder’

(Ettore Ferro) #6133

Ehmm, yes, that one.