Introduce Yourself!

(ChrisFrancz) #6086

It’s unresponsive. Watch videos here on how to do a bind so it comes back to your hand. It seems tricky at first but trust me, if I could learn how to do it you probably will not have any problem.

(Samuel) #6087

Okay I have learnt the basic bind.

(Carlos) #6088

Oh yeah haha, I watched him so much as a kid. I didn’t really want to throw like that, but once I got on-string I knew what I had to do…!

(ChrisFrancz) #6089

Those were Loop 360s. Maybe an Oracle. I didn’t know Brain Twister was around then. I like the loop he ended it with. Cool to see clips of this.

(Kevin/Vihaan) #6090

Hey guys! I’m Vihaan, but I sometimes go by Kevin. I’m a 15 year old yoyoer out in central North Carolina. I’ve been yoyoing for almost 2 years now, and I finally thought it was time form me to get into the forums. I’m an aspiring 1a, 4a, and soon to be 2a yoyoer, and I really hope to have good time here in the forums. Thanks!

(ChrisFrancz) #6091

Welcome from Pennsylvania. Glad you joined us. If you ever have any questions about yoyos or yoyo maintenance, you can find the answers from forum members!

(Zakai) #6092

Welcome to the forums.


I play the use too. Guitar is my main instrument. I’ve a Kamaka concert and a Collings concert.


suppose to say uke. auto correct error


You can edit your posts. Just tap the little pencil in the bottom right of the post. :slight_smile:




So you’re… not… gonna edit that post to correct it? :wink:


Didn’t know I could after the fact. I’ll give it a go. Thanks, Lee

(Lucas) #6099

Hey, I am Lucas and I have been yoyoing for a month and I am priit bad because I use a yotech intermediate which is the only yoyo i could find around me until i bought my replay pro which should arrive soon, I found this when looking to buy my first yoyo.

(Tyler) #6100

Welcome to the forums - just keep at it, you’ll get there