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(Zakai) #6066

Welcome to the community.


New to the forum and to playing. I live in the US and grew up playing with a Yomega Fireball. Now I have kids and my daughter (7) wanted me to buy her a Duncan Butterfly the other day and I couldn’t resist. She played with it for about 2 hours and even though she wasn’t really getting it, I can tell she was excited. I hopped on amazon and bought the Yomega deluxe set that came with a Maverick, Ooch, and Raider. I like the Maverick and I’m not really impressed with the other two so I started perusing the internet and came across this site. Looking forward to learning from everyone here. I don’t know ANYTHING about playing and it seems the game has changed quite a bit since I was a kid. Looking forward to developing my own skills while also enjoying a hobby with my daughter.


Ha that’s awesome, my son age 8 got me back into yo-yos too last year. Welcome to the old yoyoers dad club, fellow dad!! :wink:

(Zakai) #6069

Welcome! I’m the dude who’s surrounded by dads in this forum lol.

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I’m glad you’re here and learning again and teaching your daughter. I’m one of the non-experts here and enjoy the forum and tips / info I can find.


Glad to be here. I’m a, how do you say, mature yoyo enthusiast. I started out with the original aqua 888’s and they are still one of my favorites. My best trick at this point is yukislack. But, it’s tough. Thanks everyone, hotei

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Welcome to the community!


How’s he doing with it now?


Comes and goes, he plays Fortnite a lot now :slight_smile:

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Glad you’re here! Seriously. I’m 52. No kids because I haven’t grown up yet myself. No matter what question you have you will find the answer here! A few days ago I had a stuck axle - halfs would not unscrew. Put it in the freezer for 15 minutes. Problem solved!


I’ve already learned a ton on here and I’m glad I found this place! I’m having a blast with this yoyo. I may or may not have already bought a dozen throws. Luckily my wife thinks they cost $8-$10 each!

Anybody have a good tip on how to make them not hurt your hand on the way back? Not a big deal for just a little bit; but, after a day of playing, the old palm’s a little tender!

(Zakai) #6077

Wearing gloves is good. Putting on baby powder helps prevent string burn.

(ChrisFrancz) #6078

You’ll get used to it! I’m more worried about hitting my teeth so I keep my mouth shut when practicing (except for some mild cussin’)!

(Ashley Stone) #6079

Though this thread has been inactive for a few days, I feel posting here isn’t in vain. Hey, my name’s Ashley! It’s been a few years since I’ve thrown but I just got a YYF Space Crown a few days ago and I’ve been making swift progress :smiley: Just wanted to introduce myself and say it’s good to get to learning 1A again <3

(Carlos) #6080

Hi! I’m Carlos. I like trickster mythology, feeling out the edges of barriers, hunting, hiking, fishing, martial arts, walking my bulldog, and throwing yoyos when my hands are (reasonably) unencumbered.

I throw 5a. My fingers are constantly covered in bandaids from nasty bruises, so I’m a really shoddy typer - sorry!

I started throwing with a Duncan white/orange butterfly back in the 80s, I realized early on that it HURTS when you get a hard recall or unexpected recall, I got pretty solid at doing Smothers Brothers level 2a one-handed, and forget bout it after college.

I have a coworker who was getting into throwing though, a few months back, and I looked up the currrent state of play and was flat out mind-blown by the bearings and 4a, 5a, etc… So I jumped back in, and swam hard for the horizon.

Now I own a Horizon (not my favorite 5a throw - too heavy tbh) and I’ve started topping out on the 10-year-old lists of tricks you can find from Miguel or yotricks, and I’m beginning to truly feel that I have full control of the weight, string, and throw all at the same time!

But my fingers are still wrecked, so I can’t type for crap, sorry lol

(Jordan Blofeld) #6081

Hi I’m Jordan

I run Smashing yoyo Company. I’m all about going to contests and meeting people. Perhaps I met you at US Nats? Maybe Iceland? Or any of the other contests I travel to (I go to quite a lot)

I was active on here a few years ago but got busy starting a yoyo company.



@coyo7e Love those Smothers Brothers yoyo man vids. He’s actually very good at it. The dance comes from an earler, much younger Tom, performance.

(Samuel) #6083

Hey, I am Samuel and I have been yoyoing for a tiny bit and I am extremely bad because I use a yotech flashlight which is a modified yoyo. But I am going to get a replay pro. I already ordered it. I found this because of reviews of yoyos. I have done begleri and kendama.

(ChrisFrancz) #6084

Welcome! I am sure you will like your Replay Pro.

(Samuel) #6085

Thanks yeah I will definitely like it.